Time to lose weight this December

Time to lose weight this December

For most of us December is a time to go wild, out goes the diet and healthy eating, instead these good habits will be replaced with parties and food binges.

If this sounds like something you would do, but you wish to change for the better then read on to discover some tips you can use to lose weight this December:

#1: Eat smaller meals more often

To ensure you are able to keep your food cravings at bay you should consider eating smaller meals, but eat them more often.

For instance instead of eating 3 large meals, eat 6 or more throughout the day, preferably no more than 4 hours apart.

Eating larger meals will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels that will drop causing food cravings to occur.

#2: Weigh regularly

If you weigh daily or weekly then you will know almost immediately if you are gaining weight and often the reason for this weight gain.

You will then be able to make the necessary changes you need to rectify this problem before it gets out of hand.

#3: Find a fun exercise

If you usually struggle when exercising perhaps it is because it is not fun. However with so many different activities and exercises you could perform you really need to stop using this as an excuse.

Fun exerciseOnce you find a fun activity/exercise then you will be more likely to stick with it. Meaning you will find that working out 2-3 times a week for half an hour will not be an issue.

#4: Try eating fewer carbs

While you should not cut carbs from your diet completely you should certainly think about eating fewer, especially those that offer little nutritional value such as crisps or crackers.

Instead replace the carbs with fresh fruit or vegetables, not forgetting protein sources such as chicken and turkey too.

#5: Watch those portion sizes

When trying to lose weight you need to make sure you are not overeating. So if you start feeling full perhaps it is time to stop eating rather than feeling obliged to finish every last morsel left on your plate.

#6: Watch those additives

When cooking you need to watch what you are adding to it. For example you should avoid adding too much salt to your meals.

Also when sitting down to eat you need to watch those sauces as often they will contain hidden added salt and sugar.

#7: Always eat breakfast

To avoid reaching for that unhealthy snack mid-morning to ward off those hunger cravings then you need to make sure you eat a good breakfast.

It is best that you eat some form of protein-rich food such as eggs as these are slower to digest, therefore will help keep you full for longer, plus they are a good source of slow released energy.

#8: Cut out the takeaways

To take back control of what you are eating then you should certainly cut back on those takeaways and microwave meals.

Making your own meals will help ensure you choose the healthiest ingredients and better portion sizes.

#9: Watch what you drink

One way you can cut calories from your current diet is by replacing those soft drinks and caffeinated beverages with water.

You don’t have to buy expensive bottled water either, tap water will suffice.

It is free from calories and can help cut food cravings.

#10: Prepare for nights out

No doubt you have a few party plans already in place for December, so if you want to lose weight you will need to be prepared.

Some restaurants will have menus available beforehand, often with the calorie content of their food listed.

If you review the menu then you will be able to choose the best option, one that wont derail all your other good habits that you have picked up from this article.

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