Lose Weight with Sleep

Lose Weight with Sleep

Although very few people know about its benefits, getting a good nights sleep can help with your weight loss efforts.

Lets look at how your sleep patterns can not only affect your weight but also your overall health.

How does sleep affect your weight?

By understanding how a lack of sleep will affect your weight you will surely start to realise how important it is, even with your busy schedule.

For a start a lack of sleep can make you feel hunger, even when you are full.

The reason for this is that sleep deprivation causes the production a hormone known as cortisol to increase. It is this hormone that helps to regulate your appetite.

A lack of sleep will also cause your body to store more fat, which occurs because your metabolism is affected resulting in higher blood sugar levels that in turn will increase the bodies production of leptin, a hormone that actually promoted fat storage.

Finally a lack of sleep can affect your hormones and your activity levels. You will no longer want to workout or exercise and you will also be looking to replenish your energy levels by consuming food rich in sugars or starch.

Unfortunately for you these kinds of food will only result in your blood sugar levels rising before falling once again, resulting in further cravings.

Benefits of a good night’s sleep

When you get a good nights sleep your body will be able to regulate its production of ghrelin, a hormone that usually cause an increase in your appetite.

Second plenty of rest helps to regulate yet another hormone known as leptin that can help you to feel full and satisfied after your meals.

Sleep is important to a healthy weight loss program

Even if you have a busy schedule it is important you allow yourself adequate time to sleep.

You should make sure you set yourself a regular bedtime and try to avoid going to bed too hungry or too full from a meal.

Alcohol and caffeine is best avoided, and you should try not too exercise too close to your bedtime.

A warm bath before bed is a great way to relax your body and mind. Helping you to get a good nights sleep and helping to keep you slimmer in the long term.

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