Lose Weight Without Calorie Counting

Lose Weight Without Calorie Counting

If you are attempting to lose weight you may think that the only way to achieve your goal would be to drastically cut your calories.

While this method will produce results, calorie counting has its drawbacks.

For example, it is certainly not a fun way to lose weight, and literally starving yourself is not going to give long-term results.

What you will find is that drastically cutting your calorie intake will result in your metabolism slowing, which means that you will find it harder to lose weight.

Also, cutting too much from your diet could leave you lacking in vital nutrients that can affect your overall health.

Of course, cutting calories or calorie counting does not necessarily mean that these things will happen. But it is a risk if you are not careful with the amounts you cut.

Luckily there is another solution, as researchers have found that it is possible to lose weight without calorie counting, but how?

To lose weight, you should be eating more fibre

Weight LossThis new research, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine has found that eating more fibre could result in the same weight losses as cutting calories.

In the study undertaken at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, 240 volunteers were tested.

During the test, half the volunteers were asked to eat according to the rules of the American Heart Association diet, which meant they had to reduce both their calorie intake and intake of saturated fats.

The remaining volunteers did not need to change their diet, but were asked to add an extra 30 grams of fibre to it daily. This is the equivalent of eating your recommended 5 a day.

Over the course of a year, both sets of volunteers were shown to have lost the same amount of weight.

Why is fibre so good for weight loss?

Fibre is not easily digested by your body, therefore will remain for a longer time, which will enable you to stay fuller for longer.

It also helps relieve digestive issues too, so if you are often bloated or constipated, adding fibre to your diet will help.

Finally, as fibre is slow to digest it wont release its energy too quickly, unlike other foods so you wont experience the sugar highs and subsequent crashes that cause further food cravings.

Good sources of fibre

If you are impressed by the results of this study and are looking at ways to increase your own fibre intake then I would suggest looking at the following foods:

Fruits, vegetables, oats, lentils, wholegrain cereals, beans, corn and wheat bran.

I would suggest that when eating them to eat the skin too. As this is where most of the fibre is to be found.

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