Lose weight without quitting the booze

Lose weight without quitting the booze

Despite what you might have heard in the past it is possible to lose weight without quitting the booze.

Of course, there are negative effects that are caused by both too much drink and being overweight, however in moderation you should not experience too many issues.

If you like the occasional drink but do not want it to affect your weight loss efforts the following tips will help:

Tip #1 – Watch what you eat while you drink

When you drink you often lose self control, which can result in you reaching for those fatty foods that will surely ruin your weight loss efforts.

It may be difficult, especially when surrounded by your friends but if you want to lose weight and enjoy the occasional drink then you need to avoid the tempting fatty foods and stick to more healthy options such as a salad, vegetables or some fruit.

Tip #2 – Exercise

If you have had a drink the night before then it is important that you make the effort to do a little exercise the next day to burn some of those excess calories you consumed.

Alcohol is after-all ‘empty calories’ that serve no purpose, but will cause weight gain if allowed to be stored as fat.

Tip #3 – Know your limit

Drinking alcohol daily is bad for your health, not only because it will cause weight gain but also as it can cause lasting damage to your liver.

No one is saying that you cannot go out and have a little fun, but going out too often and drinking too much can cause a lasting physical affect.

Tip #4 – Next day detox

Alcohol can cause a build up of toxins to occur within your body, which can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

When you for a night out make plans to detox the following day as this will ensure you remove these toxins before they cause any damage.

When detoxing you need to avoid eating fatty foods and should try to drink plenty of water or perhaps some green tea.

Tip #5 – Make good drink choices

Certain drinks contain a lot of calories, while others contain a lot of added sugars. Obviously these types of drinks should be avoided if possible.

Stick to light beers or spirits, but watch for mixers that contain high amounts of sugar.

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