4 Methods that can help you Lose Weight Without the Gym

4 Methods that can help you Lose Weight Without the Gym

Not all of us have time to exercise, and even though it is recommended for improving your overall health, regular exercise has been shown to be less important for weight loss than originally thought.

Gym memberships are also expensive, and frankly I would rather not make a fool of myself in front of complete strangers.

So, what can you do to lose weight without the gym? Here are some methods that really will help.

#1: Buy a skipping rope

No doubt when you were a child you had a skipping rope that you would use regularly with your friends.

Well, you can now use one to give yourself an intense cardio workout.

Just 20 minutes or so daily, jumping around while listening to some music can help burn plenty of calories.

#2: Make use of the outside

It can be boring spending time in the gym, with its stale air and surroundings.

To make your workout interesting again, go for a run or a hike outdoors.

#3: Use those swings

This may seem like a crazy suggestion, and you may get a few funny looks by concerned parents, but using the swings in your local park can give you an intense ab workout.

Give it a try and you may surprise yourself at how hard it is to do.

#4: Bedroom yoga and pilates

You do not need a gym for either of these activities, you can even do it in your own bedroom, which if you live with a few children maybe your only safe place.

Both of these activities are good for binge eating too, as they will make you more aware of what you are eating (mindfulness).

Don’t forget

While exercise can help your weight loss efforts, the truth is that your diet is most important.

First you should think about cutting back on junk food, and instead replace it with ‘whole’ foods, which are those that have been minimally processed.

These foods are usually fruits and vegetables that are naturally low in calories, but full of the vital nutrients your body needs.

For weight loss and good health I would also suggest eating more protein and fibre-rich foods.

They are both filling, with the protein good for your energy levels and to help repair any muscle damage that occurs when you workout.

The fibre-rich foods on the other hand are good for your digestive health. Helping to reduce bloating and other digestive issues.

Next, you should look at what you are drinking.

Instead of drinking soft drinks, even the diet versions, choose water instead. This is because water is free of calories and can help curb your appetite, particularly if consumed prior to a meal.

PhenQStress and a lack of sleep can also affect your weight, but yoga can help with the stress. You should aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Finally, I would suggest looking at a proven weight loss supplement like PhenQ.

This product contains ingredients proven to offer the following benefits:

  • A reduction in body fat
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better mood

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