Is it Possible to Lose Weight Without Trying? 5 Tips that really work

Is it Possible to Lose Weight Without Trying? 5 Tips that really work

Have you gained weight after a summer of indulgence? If so then you are certainly not alone.

Luckily there are a seemingly endless number of weight loss tips we can give. Unfortunately many of them will involve work.

Even luckier still is that there are a few tips that can help you to lose weight without trying. Read on and see if you can incorporate some of these tips and start reaping the rewards.

#1: Use smaller plates

Portion sizes have grown over the years so there is little coincidence that our weight has grown too.

A quick and simple way to cut portion sizes and therefore the amount you eat would be to use smaller plates.

Obviously smaller plates mean smaller portions, and smaller portions means fewer calories consumed. Inevitably this will result in weight loss occurring.

#2: Eat while sitting down

Do you tend to graze while preparing food? Well, this is human nature.

Weight LossUnfortunately this bad habit will result in weight gain, so you must try and stop this mindless eating.

If possible try to only eat when it is time to eat, so try to stick to the 3 main meals if possible. A handful of food here and there will quickly add up over the course of the day.

#3: Drink plenty of water

There are plenty of health reasons why you should be drinking plenty of water, and weight loss is just one of them.

By remaining hydrated you are able to burn off calories more efficiently. Often your body will mistake thirst for hunger, so having a sip of water can alleviate these cravings.

Finally, research has shown that if you drink a glass of water prior to eating a meal then you will consume less food and therefore fewer overall calories.

#4: Get enough sleep

A lack of sleep can leave you unable to resist the temptation of bad foods. You will also find that you are less willing to workout if you are tired.

Also, if you get less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep nightly then you will find that the hormones that control your weight can be affected.

For instance, the stress hormone cortisol will be over-produced, which will leave your body unable to burn off its fat reserves.

#5: Eat before you shop

Shopping with an empty stomach will leave you more likely to reach for those high-calorie foods, so if possible try to eat before you shop.


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