4 things that no one talks about when losing baby weight

4 things that no one talks about when losing baby weight

Bringing new life into the world can be a wonderful experience, however many women quickly want to return to their former figures.

However, despite their best intentions and efforts there may be reasons why they are unable to reach their goal.

Here are 4 things that no one ever talks about when losing baby weight is discussed.

#1 – The weight loss is easy to begin

You will likely lose the most weight during the first week after the birth of your baby, what with the actual weight of the baby, plus the loss of the placenta and other fluids.

This stage may make you believe that the rest of the weight will be as easy to lose, which is unfortunately not going to be such an easy task.

#2 – The weight loss will become harder

After the initial losses you will notice that the weight loss will become much more difficult. You really shouldn’t expect to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week.

Remember that it took you 9 months to gain the weight so you cannot expect to lose that excess weight overnight, it is going to take time, so you need to learn a little patience.

#3 – The weight loss isn’t as simple as ‘calories in and calories out

For some weight loss can be as simple as making sure you consume fewer calories than you burn.

However, what you will find after giving birth is that it is not as simple as that.

For a start your hormones will play a part, plus sleep deprivation and breastfeeding too.

If you are going to breastfeed your child then you will be recommended by your doctor to eat an extra 500 calorie a day. However, although breastfeeding will burn calories this will vary between 300 and 500 calories daily.

#4 – Your previous fitness regime will be difficult to maintain

Even if you spent a lot of time before your pregnancy in the gym you may find that other commitments will make this almost impossible.

For a start with those late night feedings you may simply feel too tired to go to the gym.

You will also find that your time will become more precious so exercise may drop down the list of importance.

If you want to lose weight though, you will need to make time. Perhaps even integrate some activities into your time with your baby.

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