Could Lucuma powder help with your weight loss efforts?

Could Lucuma powder help with your weight loss efforts?

If you are struggling with your weight perhaps Lucuma powder is the answer.

Having recently been featured on the Dr Oz Show this natural sweetener was shown to aid your own slimming efforts, but how?

Lets look at the benefits of Lucuma powder in more detail before we look at where we can buy it.

What is Lucuma powder?

Lucuma powder is made from the Pouteria lucuma tree that is found growing in Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

It has long been used in South America for medicinal purposes, as it can offers inflammatory benefits as well as the ability to heal.

Following its glowing report by the popular Dr Oz no doubt it will become better known for its weight loss benefits.

How can Lucuma powder aid slimming?

As Lucuma powder is sweet it can be used as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

It can be taken without causing an increase in your blood sugar levels so is ideal for those with a sweet tooth that are looking to lose weight.

The urge to snack is often experienced when your blood sugar levels rise and subsequently fall, therefore Lucuma powder can help to cut those urges to reach for the snack food.

Lucuma powder also contains high levels of fibre that can promote better digestive health, essentially ensuring your body flushes out those toxins that cause weight gain.

Other health benefits of Lucuma powder

There are various other health benefits that you can experience by using Lucuma powder including:

Stable blood sugar levels

As Lucuma powder is a low-glycemic index food it is safe for diabetics to use or for anyone who is watching their blood sugar levels.

Gluten free

Ideal for those who are monitoring their gluten levels.

Radiant skin

As Lucuma powder contains beta-carotene it can aid your bodies cell repair and growth, resulting in better skin tone while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to add Lucuma powder to your diet?

The powder can be added to virtually anything, whether it is tea or coffee, yoghurt, puddings or cakes. Its taste is best described as maple or caramel.

Navitas Naturals Lucuma PowderIt is recommended that you limit your daily amount of Lucuma powder to 5 tablespoons as even though it is healthier alternative to sugar it still contains calories that if you are not careful can quickly add up.

Are there any side effects?

Although there are no known side effects to Lucuma powder you are advised to speak to your doctor before trying it, especially if you suffer from high blood sugar levels or diabetes.

Where to buy Lucuma powder?

Obviously you could try buying Lucuma powder from your local health food shop, however our recommendation is Navitas Naturals Lucuma Powder that you can buy online from the Vitamin Shoppe website.

Navitas Naturals Lucuma Powder can be bought for just $12.49, which is a 16% saving off the RRP of $14.99.

Click here to buy Navitas Naturals Lucuma Powder

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