5 Lunchtime Mistakes that Make You Fat

5 Lunchtime Mistakes that Make You Fat

So you have decided to lose weight? Good for you, but what should you be eating?

A salad may seem like a good idea, but if you add various dressings, cheese and croutons then that low-calorie healthy meal may not be so healthy anymore.

Here are some of the lunchtime mistakes that make you fat. If you want to successfully lose weight then you need to try and avoid them in the future.

#1: Watch those portion sizes

Even healthy foods contain calories, and too many calories will cause weight gain to occur. This is a fact.

Therefore it makes sense that as well as looking at the types of food you choose, you should also look at the amount of food you eat too.

#2: Opt for darker greens

If you are trying to lose weight it can be easy to neglect the nutrients you need to remain healthy.

This is why I would suggest opting for darker green vegetables like spinach or kale, instead of lighter coloured salad.

The reason for this is that those darker coloured leaves contain many more nutrients.

#3: Avoid those extras

As mentioned during our introduction, those extras can add serious calories to your meals.

Salad preparedThat means you should avoid those croutons, or swap for whole grain varieties.

To give yourself that crunch that the croutons give without the calorie content then add fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Also, avoid bought dressings too. You can make your own vinaigrette if you want, which will save vital calories.

#4: Vegetables are your best friend

Vegetables are the perfect diet food as they are naturally low in calories, but are filling thanks to their fibre and water content.

Each meal should contain around 50% vegetables

#5: Make sure to add protein

Our final lunchtime mistake is to not eat enough protein, which means a healthy protein source like chicken, turkey or eggs. Unfortunately not bacon or fried alternatives.

The reason why you should be eating a good source of protein is because it can help fill you up, and will help keep you feeling full as it is slow to digest.

Protein is also hard to digest so will use plenty of extra calories to break it down.

The energy it releases is also released slowly too, so you wont suffer from a lack of energy.

Finally, for anyone who exercises regularly then protein is important to help repair damaged muscle fibres. Therefore helping to reduce recovery times, and to help build lean muscle.


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