Science-backed Methods to Maintain Weight Loss

Science-backed Methods to Maintain Weight Loss

We all know that losing weight is hard, but what is harder is actually keeping the weight off long-term.

Recently a study on the former contestants of The Biggest Loser revealed that many were unable to maintain their weight loss, so what can you do?

Well, a new study has revealed one of the best ways to maintain weight loss.

What did the study reveal?

In a study undertaken at the University of Colorado, a team of researchers followed 65,000 participants from a non-profit group called Take Off Pounds Sensibly, for a period of 5 years.

The researchers discovered that 90% of those who stuck with the group for more than 3 years were able to maintain their weight losses.

How did this help them maintain weight loss?

When you lose weight as part of a group you will gain support from its members, which will help to keep you motivated and make you more accountable for your actions.

The ability to speak to those who are going through the same journey can help you overcome any obstacles you encounter. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Other methods you can use to maintain weight loss

Here are a few other methods you can use to maintain weight loss:

#1: Find your triggers

The inability to control your food urges is a huge reason why people regain lost weight, but what causes these triggers?

Sometimes these food cravings are triggered due to stress, or even because of your hormones.

Whatever the reason, once you have discovered why, then you can then take steps to conquer them.

#2: Plan ahead

We all lead busy lives these day, but if we want to stay slim you must do something to avoid this affecting your weight.

For example if you pre-prepare some meals ahead of time, you wont be forced to buy a takeaway when you have not got time to cook after a busy day at work.

#3: Watch those portion sizes

Even though you have reached your goal weight, this does not mean you should slack off and let those portion sizes creep up.

Burn FatRemember even healthy foods contain calories so you still need to be vigilant if you want to see long-term success.

#4: Weigh yourself regularly

This does not mean daily as this can leave you with an unhealthy fixation on your weight.

What you should do is pick a day and time and stick to it. Only weigh yourself once a week.

If you notice that you have gained a few pounds over the past week you will know that you need to make a few changes.

It is no good not weighing for a few weeks or even months as you may not notice that you have gained weight in that time.

#5: Get regular exercise

You have no doubt exercised while dropping weight, so in order to keep the weight off it makes sense to continue with your exercise regime.

Remember regular exercise is also good for your overall health too. So is a worthwhile habit to have.

I hope these tips will help you maintain your weight loss. You have done well to get this far, now is the time to maintain it into the future.

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