6 Tips to Maintain Weight and Health

6 Tips to Maintain Weight and Health

Once you have reached your target weight you will no doubt be pleased with yourself, however it will not be the time to slack off otherwise you may find that the weight will start to creep back on.

Below you will find a few simple tips to ensure you are able to maintain weight and therefore your health:

#1: Continue to exercise

No doubt you exercised during your weight loss journey so why stop now that you have reached your goal weight?

Not only will it help to keep you slim, but will also keep you healthy too, with research showing those who exercise regularly more likely to live longer and with fewer health conditions.

Exercise can improve your moods and will give you opportunity to go out and meet some new people.

#2: Prepare your own meals

If you wish to avoid regaining your lost weight then I would suggest that you continue to avoid processed junk food.

Prepare your own meals using fresh ingredients and you will find that maintaining your current weight shouldn’t be an issue.

#3: Watch your portion sizes

When you were losing weight portion sizes were probably religiously watched, but now that you have reached your goal you have likely let this habit slip.

Be careful though as this is a slippery slope, with one good habit lost many others may go the same way soon.

#4: Eat a little slower

Your brain will take 20 minutes to receive the signal from your stomach that it is full, therefore you should try to eat a little slower.

Weight LossA good tip would simply be to make sure you chew your food thoroughly. Not only will it help slow down how fast you are eating, but will also help with the digestion process too as you have already started to break down the food.

#5: Drink plenty of water

There are numerous reasons why you should be drinking more water.

For a start it contains zero calories, which makes it a much better option than those high-sugar soft drinks.

Water can also help curb your appetite too, as often you will mistake thirst for hunger.

Finally, drinking water can help to flush toxins from your body, which will help maintain your weight, plus as a bonus it will ensure your skin is clear too.

#6: Get some sleep

A lack of sleep can cause your body to produce excess ghrelin that will cause an increase in your appetite.

Another hormone that is affected by a lack of sleep is leptin, a hormone that tells you when to stop eating.

This is a dangerous combination that will lead to excess snacking and weight gain if you are not careful. I would suggest getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

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