5 Tips to Help Make or Break Your Diet

5 Tips to Help Make or Break Your Diet

We all spend billions on various diets and weight loss products each year, but for some reason obesity rates continue to grow.

One reason for this is that despite our best intentions losing weight is hard, with many resorting to diets that are too strict, or overly optimistic exercise regimes.

Well, luckily for you there are methods you can use that will ensure you experience weight loss without too much effort.

Of course it wont result in super fast results, but fast weight loss is overrated. For long term results you should only aim to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week. Anything more than that is not sustainable and will likely come as a result of a drastic and potentially dangerous diet.

Please read on to discover what these weight loss tips are:

#1: Watch those dressings

No doubt you have made the decision to eat healthier now that you have decided to lose weight, but is there something on your plate that contains loads of calories that you have forgotten about?

Yes, the dressings are full of calories and just skipping them could potentially save you hundreds of calories every day.

#2: Start your meal with water

Water contains zero calories and research has shown can curb your appetite if consumed prior to a meal.

That means that when it comes time to eat you wont be so hungry, so will eat less, resulting in fewer calories being consumed.

#3: Share your meal

Lose WeightWith portion sizes growing year on year, if you are eating out at a restaurant perhaps it would be a good idea to share a starter rather than having one to yourself.

#4: Boost your metabolism

Your metabolism is the key to burning off excess calories before they are stored as fat, but are there methods you can use to boost your metabolism?

Actually there are a number of different ways.

For example, you could try eating more spicy foods. Red chilly peppers when consumed have been shown to cause a process called thermogenesis to occur, which is a process whereby your internal body temperature increases along with your metabolic rate.

Increasing your muscle mass is another way to boost your metabolism too. So instead of performing purely cardio-based workouts include some muscle building exercises too.

#5: Allow yourself the occasional treat

Our last tip and one that will certainly help you stick to your diet long-term is to allow yourself the occasional treat.

We all encounter cravings for certain favourite foods from time to time, and if you deny yourself this craving will only become stronger.

Before long you will fall completely off the wagon and any previous good work would have gone to waste due to you overindulging.

A better idea would be to allow yourself a small portion of what you crave. This will ensure your diet does not become too boring.


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