5 Ways to Make Your Meals Diet Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Meals Diet Friendly

If you are trying to lose a few pounds then diet and exercise is recommended.

However there is a lot of conflicting information around that will likely leave you feeling confused and unable to tell what tips are best for achieving your goals.

Luckily for you that you are reading this article though as you will soon discover a few ways to make your meals diet friendly, which will inevitably lead to those excess pounds being lost.

Tip #1: The real food pyramid

You have no doubt seen food pyramids before, and they have been designed to teach you how much of each food group should be consumed in comparison with other food groups.

However, for weight loss the food pyramid might be a little different to those you have seen in the past.

This new food pyramid has vegetables at the bottom, then fruits, then protein sources, then nuts and seeds, then starches, grains and dairy. There are no levels for junk food on this food pyramid.

If you stick to this food pyramid then weight loss will be inevitable.

Tip #2: Take control of your portion sizes

You do not need to fill your plate to the brim every time you eat.

The reality is that most of us overfill our plates, which we do not wish to waste that only results in us overeating.

Tip #3: Use the quota system

What you put onto your plate is just as important as the size of the portions.

Weight lossThe quota system uses the following percentages as a guide to ensure we are taking in the necessary nutrients our bodies need:

  • 65% should be vegetables
  • 15% protein
  • 15% starch
  • 5% fats

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to waste

No doubt your parents made you eat every last morsel of food on your plate when you were a child.

Well, now that you are an adult and looking to lose a few pounds this could be counterproductive for your efforts.

If you are feeling full then it is no good continuing to gorge. Once you feel satisfied you should stop.

Take control of your food and don’t let it control you. Only then will you be able to be successful.

Tip #5: Don’t use exercise as an excuse to eat

When you exercise you maybe tempted to treat yourself, after-all you will be able to burn it off in the gym.

However, this is unlikely to be the case and all of those extra calories that are not burned will only end up in one place, on your stomach as fat.

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