Are mannequins making us fat?

Are mannequins making us fat?

Size 16 mannequins encourage obesity” is the shocking new statement being made by Fat Families host Steve Miller.

His belief is that having such large mannequins in our high streets “normalises fat”.

“It’s dangerous having size 16 mannequins because it normalises fat.”

“I’m not saying everyone who is a size 16 is fat, but most people who come to me to lose weight are that size and I’m worried where it will go next.”

“I mean are we going to start saying a size 20 is ‘normal’. It’s just not ok, being that big is very bad for your health.”

Back in March fashion chain Debenhams launched the larger mannequins at their Oxford Street branch in London, where they were placed alongside size 10 shop dummies.

Steve MillerThe aim was to reflect the shape of “real women”.

While a good advert for Debenhams not everyone was pleased with this decision, most notably Steve Miller who has also said that the use of these larger dummies was “promoting the idea that being fat is acceptable”.

“We’re so scared of the word FAT. We have no problem saying to someone ‘do you know what, you’re losing a bit too much weight, you’re going too thin’, but we have a huge problem telling them they are too fat.”

“We should all be telling our friends and family they are fat, it’s the caring thing to do.”

“We need powerful warnings on restaurant menus that say ‘if you’re fat, think carefully about what you’re ordering’.”

“We need these shock tactics. When I work with clients I am very direct but in a caring way.”

“I had a lady that came to see me about two months ago and she said ‘I’ve come to see you as you’re the only person who I can find in this country who will tell me straight to my face and that’s what I need’.”

“She said ‘tell me number one – that I’m massively lardy and fat, number two – no man is going to want to make love to me looking like this and number three – do not allow me any excuses’.”

“I did all that and she’s her ideal weight now.”

So what do you think, is Steve Miller talking sense or is he just being overly harsh? Please let us know below.

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