Maria Fowler Weight Loss Results Revealed

Maria Fowler Weight Loss Results Revealed

Former TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) star Maria Fowler has recently revealed how she has lost an incredible 22 pounds in just 6 weeks.

What prompted the weight loss?

After gaining 16 pounds in a single month a friend of hers at the gym asked her if she was pregnant.

“I was horrified by my body after I came back from trips to New York and Dubai where I put on 16lbs. I had rolls of fat around my tummy and more muffin tops than a cake shop. I felt bloated and ugly.”

“I had really let myself go when I was away. I was nearly in tears when I got on the scales and realised that I had put on 16lbs in month. It was the most destructive bingeing I’ve ever experienced. I will never make that mistake again.”

What other benefits did she experience?

Maria Fowler Weight Loss ResultsAs well as her weight loss, Maria also lost 4 inches from her waistline. Going from a 30 inch waist to just a 26 inch waist.

She has also noted how she has lost her dreaded muffin top, the unsightly roll of fat found around your waist when you wear certain trousers.

How did Maria achieve her results?

Maria achieved such fantastic results after changing her diet for the better. For instance she:

  • Cut out red meat
  • Switched to a high protein diet
  • Cut out her favourite carbs

Instead of eating spaghetti or pizza with a coke or wine, she is now eating a diet that includes plenty of eggs and chicken with water to drink.

She now also goes to the gym 5 times a week, and now does plenty of work on her abs to ensure they are slimmer and more toned than ever.

“I adopted a much healthier regime and the weight fell off me.”

“It is remarkable what you can achieve if you are really disciplined about your nutrition and exercise.”

“I got rid of all my bad habits and avoided snacking between meals and eating rubbish like chocolate and crisps.”

Maria is pleased with her results, and hopefully she will be able to maintain it long-term.

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