MaxFit Garcinia Trial Offer Review – Is this offer a scam?

MaxFit Garcinia Trial Offer Review – Is this offer a scam?

If you have come across the MaxFit Garcinia website you maybe tempted into signing up for the offer.

After-all it makes a number of impressive claims, such as being a β€œfast way to burn fat”. But can these claims be believed? The following review will look at this offer in more detail before we come to our conclusion.

Please continue reading to discover whether you should sign up for this offer or not.

Claimed benefits of MaxFit Garcinia

According to their website, using MaxFit Garcinia will provide the following user benefits:

  • Helps prevent fat production
  • Helps reduce emotional eating
  • Helps decrease belly fat

To check that these claims are accurate you should look more closely at the ingredients, which our next step.

Ingredients found in MaxFit Garcinia

While it is clear from looking at the product name and packaging that the main ingredient used is Garcinia Cambogia. Unfortunately there is no other information available.

Preferably we would have liked to have seen a product label, but this is unavailable.

Without is we have no idea of the dosages, or if any other ingredients have been used.

The biggest thing missing is the HCA percentage, which would show us what the quality of the Garcinia Cambogia used would be.

Often you will find products available with 50% HCA used, but I would recommend opting for those with a HCA of 60%.

Price of the MaxFit Garcinia trial

MaxFit Garcinia is available for trial, but how much will it cost you? It is likely to be more than you imagined, and is certainly not a free trial.

When looking at trial offers you should spend a little time reading through any terms and conditions pages if they are available. It is in these pages that the true cost will be revealed.

The T&Cs state that there is a $5.95 charge to pay when you first sign up, then a second charge just 15 days later.

This second charge is $98.95.

Once the trial has concluded you will be automatically added to an auto-ship program, so you are going to receive further monthly deliveries that of course will need to be paid for.

Is the MaxFit Garcinia trial offer a scam?

We cannot recommend MaxFit Garcinia for a number of reasons.

First is the lack of ingredient information available that leaves us wondering is this product works as claimed.

The second, and perhaps most serious issue is the price. MaxFit Garcinia is too expensive when compared to similar products, with the auto-shipping surely going to lead to complaints from those unaware of the additional charges.

Contact information for MaxFit Garcinia

The following contact information should be used to cancel this trial offer:

Phone: 855-705-9393
Email: support@maxfitgarcinia.com

Please leave a comment for us below if you have signed up to this offer.

Alternative to MaxFit Garcinia

Garcinia PureOur suggested alternative is a product called Garcinia Pure (available from Evolution Slimming).

This product is also made from Garcinia Cambogia, and contains 60% HCA with 1,000 mg of this ingredient in each serving.

Using Garcinia Pure will provide the following user benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Fat loss
  • Food cravings reduced
  • Lower cholesterol levels

You can see that there are plenty of user testimonials available on the website, and as it is not available for trial you wont have to worry about hidden or repeat charges to your account.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure



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  1. Yes I just ordered the trial. I really hope it works. But I do not want money taken off my card without my permission. Thank You. Can’t wait for my trialπŸ™‚

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  2. I signed up for the offer from Maxfit Garcinia. How do I cancel my order and subscription?!

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