Should you try the May Diet?

Should you try the May Diet?

During the April 30th episode of the Dr Oz Show (entitled “The May Diet: Lose 10 Pounds Before Memorial Day), the famous television personality Dr Mehmet Oz discussed how the May Diet could help you lose as much as 10 pounds in weight by Memorial Day on 26th of May.

What is the May Diet?

The May Diet involves eating a 80/20 diet, whereby you will be eating 80% low-glycemic vegetables with 20% protein and fat.

It is thought that the fibre found in the vegetables along with the protein and fat will keep you from experiencing hunger.

This diet works as the low-glycemic foods will not cause any spikes in your blood sugar levels, therefore you will experience less inflammation and weight gain.

The lack of sugar spikes will also reduce food cravings as when your blood sugar levels spike they will inevitably fall too, which causes these cravings.

What can you eat on the May Diet?

Some food recommendations for the May Diet include:

  • Shrimp with stir-fried vegetables
  • Grilled chicken with roasted peppers, broccoli and avocado
  • Scrambled eggs with asparagus and tomatoes

Dr Oz himself also suggested that to boost your metabolic rate, and to therefore burn extra calories you should be taking a vitamin B supplement every day.

Is the May Diet recommended?

The May Diet seems pretty reasonable, as it basically involves eating healthily.

Unlike some fad diets we have seen in the past that involve eating only one food type or drastically cutting calories this diet seems a healthy option for weight loss.

Losing 10 pounds in a month is also an achievable goal, although if you really want to achieve it you cannot rely solely on your diet.

Many of us nowadays work sedentary jobs in offices where we hardly move all day. You are not going to reach your weight loss goals if you then go home and laze about in front of the TV.

To lose weight your diet needs to be good AND you need to get some regular exercise.

This does not mean having to shell out for an expensive gym membership, although it is often a good idea. You can get a good workout in your own home if you want, just 20 minutes 3-4 hours a week will make huge changes to the way you look and feel.

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