5 Tricks to Help You Meal-Prep for Weight Loss

5 Tricks to Help You Meal-Prep for Weight Loss

Eating healthy is one of the best methods you can use for weight loss, the problem is that our lives are so busy that we sometimes haven’t got time to prepare healthy meals.

This is where meal-prep can help, as you are able to prepare healthy meals in advance that you can simply heat up or eat fresh from the fridge when you are busy.

One issue with meal-prep is that it can be easy to prepare too many meals that are the same, this can lead to you becoming bored with your diet.

Fear not, the following tips will help ensure you do not eat the same meals every day, which in turn will help ensure you do not get bored with your diet of healthy eating.

#1: Mix things up

To avoid eating the same meals a good start would be to cook more than one type of meat.

Admit it, lately you have been eating a lot of chicken, which is a healthy choice full of protein but eaten every day can become a chore.

I would recommend cutting back on the amount of chicken you buy and to start adding some more fresh fish (salmon for example) or steak to your basket.

You can then grill all three meats at the same time with no additional effort, but will provide you with additional meal options.

#2: Don’t eat the same meats twice in one day

Even if the meals themselves are different. If the main ingredient is chicken for example then you can soon get bored.

If you have followed our first tip then you should have a couple more meat options available to you, so opt for one of those meals instead.

#3: Choose a quick side

The whole point of pre-preparing meals is that you are preparing a healthy meal for when you are busy.

You most certainly do not want to ruin this by choosing a side that is unhealthy, for example buying a portion of chips from the local takeaway.

Of course you can pre-prepare salads and chop vegetables ready to cook, but these can be a little boring every day, with the vegetables taking a little time to cook.

There are other options available, for example you could microwave some sweet potato, which only takes around 6 minutes, or you could buy some single-serve instant brown rice packets that again can be heated up quickly.

#4: Think about storage

It can be tempting to separate your pre-prepped foods into meals ready to eat, but you may find that you are eating the same meals all week, which we certainly don’t want.

Instead try separating and storing by food, for example one container to be used for chicken, another for onions, etc.

Doing this will make it easier to create your own meal variations.

#5: Be creative

The whole purpose of this article is to ensure you are not eating the same meals every day.

Therefore it makes sense that our final tip is to ensure you are as creative as possible when creating your meals.

Of course you are probably going to be using a few of the same ingredients daily, but how you prepare them can make a huge difference to their taste.

For example, one day you could make a cold chicken salad, while the next day you could make a stir fry.

While the base ingredients are similar, the taste will be completely different.

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