Does Meal Timing Affect Weight Loss?

Does Meal Timing Affect Weight Loss?

If you are trying to lose weight you will no doubt be looking for something to give you that little extra boost to your efforts.

Of course, what you eat and drink has an impact, and so does your activity levels, but what about when you eat your food? Does meal timing affect weight loss?

Luckily for you a recent study has revealed the answer to this particular question. Read on to discover what this study discovered.

What research was undertaken?

In the clinical study the researchers took 80 randomly assigned healthy but overweight or obese women and split them into groups:

  • The first group were given a larger meal at lunch, with a smaller meal at dinner
  • The second group were given the opposite. A smaller lunch and a large evening meal

This clinical trial took place over a 12 week period.

What were the results?

The results were published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which confirmed that meal timing could affect weight loss.

They found that while each of the groups lost weight, those that ate the smaller dinner lost the most weight.

The researchers also noted that this group had the lower fasting insulin levels, with improved insulin resistance.

As your insulin levels are important for your overall health, these results were promising.

Those with the highest insulin levels are more at risk of developing various cancers including colon cancer, as well as having a high chance of suffering a heart attack.

With this research proving that meal timings could affect weight loss, perhaps you can think about this the next time you are preparing your own evening meal.


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