Why men find it easier to lose weight than women

Why men find it easier to lose weight than women

It is an unfortunate fact that men find it easier to lose weight than women, but why is that?

We know that both sexes have differences, but how can this affect the rate that you can lose weight?

#1 – Men tend to have more muscle

More often than not men will tend to have a higher percentage of muscle than women.

Since muscle will burn more calories than fat, as much as 10% more calories according to some studies, this is one reason why men find weight loss so much easier to achieve.

Women also tend to lift lighter weights in the gym and focus more on cardio, while men are the opposite, which again exasperates the problem.

#2 – Women and their temptations

A study published in the 2009 edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has shown that even if not hungry a woman will still experience the urge to eat if they see, smell or taste treats such as pizza or chocolate cake, whereas men did not experience the same urges.

Also, after a workout women will see spikes in the hormone ghrelin, that causes hunger, with a drop in the leptin hormone that is intended to tell your brain that it is full.

Again men do not experience these hormone changes.

#3 – Emotional eating

Women are emotional eaters, whether happy or sad they will tend to reach for those unhealthy foods.

Obviously if you are unable to control these urges then weight gain could become an issue.

How to make weight loss easier to achieve?

Whether you are a man or woman the following tips will help you achieve your weight loss goals:

Start strength training – As mentioned above weight training will help build muscle, which will ensure you start burning more calories, even while at rest.

Put those tempting foods away – When shopping do not fill your basket with those unhealthy foods you know you love. If you have any left in your home, either throw it away or donate it, there are plenty of food banks currently accepting donations.

Keep a journal – By keeping track of your progress and how you are achieving each goal you will be able to make the necessary changes if needed.

Watch your portions – Even if you are eating healthily, you need to watch your portion size. Also, do not give the same portion to your partner. You should personalise it to meet your own goals.

Cut out those bad habits – If you are emotional you must try your utmost not to give into your cravings and reach for the chocolate, however tempting it may seem.

Get enough rest – Getting less than 7 hours sleep a night will cause an increase in your hunger hormones to be increased.

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