How can men lose weight faster than women?

How can men lose weight faster than women?

Isn’t it annoying when you read that another study stating how men find losing weight easier than women, but why is it that they find it easier?

Read on to see if there is anything that you could learn from male weight loss.

Reason #1: Men are often bigger to start with

Men tend to be bigger than women, which means that they are able to burn off more calories as their basal metabolic rate is higher.

Did you know that your BMR accounts for around 70% of your total daily calories burnt? Of course this will give men a head start on their weight loss journey.

Reason #2: Men are more muscular

It is a medical fact that the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn, even while at rest.

As men tend to be more muscular than their female counterparts it makes sense that they will find it easier to burn off more of those excess calories.

Reason #3: Men often don’t prepare their own meals

While this was more of a problem in the past, when men used to be the main bread winner. Yet even today there will be households where the women will tend to do the most cooking.

Unfortunately this can lead to you picking at the food as you prepare it, which can quickly mount up to hundreds of extra daily calories.

Reason #4: Women are at home more

Like I have stated above, although women at work have increased over the years there is still a large number who may work, but only part-time due to family commitments.

This will mean that they are at home more often, which means that they will be more prone to snacking.

Reason #5: Women are emotional eaters

While we maybe generalising a bit but when you think of comfort eating you tend to picture a woman sat in front of the TV eating after a break-up.

If you fail to control your emotions these extra calories can cause weight issues.

So what can you do about it?

Based on the above reasons it is possible for you to take a few tips for you to use in your own weight loss efforts.

For instance, while 70% of your daily calories burnt is a result of your BMR this still leaves another 30%, which means you still have quite a bit of control on what weight you can lose.

If you watch what you are eating and get regular exercise then you will soon notice the weight drop off.

As for the muscle mass issue, I would recommend that you try lifting some weights the next time you are at the gym, not only will it help build muscle but has also been shown to burn calories up to 24 hours after the gym-session.

Don’t worry about looking manly though, I very much doubt you eat enough or have enough testosterone in your body to cause any major gains in muscle mass. You will just become more toned.

The last point I am going to make is to try and take control of your emotions, especially if you tend to comfort eat. Find out what causes these emotions and find a way to pick up a healthier habit.

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