4 Reasons Why Men Struggle to Lose Weight

4 Reasons Why Men Struggle to Lose Weight

Weight gain is something that affects not only women but men too, but for some reason men have a different plain of thought when it comes to weight loss.

Slimming World recently conducted their own research into why men struggle to lose weight, with Dr Jacquie Lavin, head of nutrition and research at Slimming World having this to say about the results:

“Current data shows that men are more likely to be overweight than women and more likely to carry excess fat around their stomach, which poses an additional health risk. While most overweight men say they do want to lose weight, this report suggests there is a cultural expectation that men should consume lots of processed and fast foods that are high in fat and calories and lots of alcohol and this increases their chances of gaining weight.”

Lets look at some reasons why men fail to lose weight.

#1: They see healthy foods as “girly

Men see certain foods as more masculine than others.

During the study of 855 men, foods such as meat pie and an English breakfast were seen as masculine, while other foods such as salad, yoghurt and diet coke seen as feminine by more than half of those asked.

How the men prepare their meals were also seen as masculine and feminine, with deep frying seen to be more masculine than grilled food.

Overweight ManThis also goes for portion sizes too, with larger portion sizes seen as masculine, with the ability to clear their plate also an important male behaviour.

#2: They can’t have just the one pint

Research has shown that men are more likely to consume alcohol frequently, and with the average beer containing 150 calories you can see why so many gain weight.

Most men are unable to stop at just the one or two pints either, and with each drink lowering inhibitions, chances are you will be less likely to resist that late night kebab either.

The hang-over the next day will surely put a stop to any physical activities too.

#3: They have lost confidence in exercise

While competitive team sports like football were seen as the most masculine by the men questioned during the research, almost half (48%) thought they would find it “difficult or impossible” to complete a 45 minute game.

43% also admitted that they did not achieve one single 30 minute exercise session of exercise a week.

To lose weight, what you eat is important, but exercise is also a good idea too.

#4: They are not willing to ask for help

Men are less likely than women to ask for help when it comes to any issues they encounter, including weight loss, which means that they could gain more weight than their female counterparts.

Of course the more weight gained the higher the risk of developing life-threatening conditions like heart disease, stroke and cancer.

It has been suggested that men feel they have to deal with any problems they encounter on their own, as it is seen to be the masculine thing to do.


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