A Messy Kitchen Causes Weight Gain

A Messy Kitchen Causes Weight Gain

Research has suggested that a messy kitchen could result in food cravings that will ultimately result in weight gain.

In a study of 100 college students it was shown that those who ate in a messy kitchen were more likely to overeat.

What occurred in the study?

In the study the 100 students were split into 2 groups with half being sent to a dirty kitchen with the remaining students sent to an organised and clean kitchen.

The students were given various assignments to complete while in the kitchen, but there were also a number of food items there too, including cookies.

At the conclusion of the study those in the untidy kitchen had consumed more cookies than those in the tidy kitchen.

Lindsey Smith Taillie, a nutrition researcher at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill had this to say about the results:

“Eating healthy can be hard, and understanding the environmental factors like kitchen clutter than influence our eating can help individuals structure their homes in a way to make the healthier food choice the easier choice.”

“Maintaining a calm, clutter-free kitchen environment can help keep us from overeating sugary snacks.”

“When that’s not possible, thinking about times of personal control can also help prevent overeating.”

While lead author Brian Wansink stated:

“It’s easier to spend five minutes cleaning up your kitchen than 24 hours trying to resist snacks,” said Wansink, who is also the director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab and author of “Slim by Design.”

Our view

It makes sense that by putting away snack foods that you will be less inclined to snack on them.

This is why we always suggest that if you cannot remove them entirely from your home that you at least make a little effort to put them out of sight.

Also, if you have healthy snacks available then it would be a good idea to display these prominently so you would pick these up rather than searching for those unhealthy snacks.

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