Is the Metabo Garcinia trial offer an auto-ship scam?

Is the Metabo Garcinia trial offer an auto-ship scam?

Metabo Garcinia is a weight loss supplement available for trial that claims to be able to help “burn fat without diet or exercise”, which is quite a claim.

Despite this impressive sounding claim in my mind you need to be cautious about signing up for any trial offer, in the past we have reviewed quite a few different products offered for trial that have turned out to be auto-ship scams.

Whether Metabo Garcinia is another scam is another matter. What we do know is that you should not rush into your decision to sign up for the trial, take a moment to read this review before making your final decision.

Other claims made by Metabo Garcinia

Metabo Garcinia also supposedly offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Inhibit fat from being made
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Increase serotonin level
  • Reduce calorie intake

While these claims sound impressive initially you should ask yourself if there is any proof to back them up?

To start what ingredients have been used to create the supplement?

Ingredients found in Metabo Garcinia

Pleasingly the main ingredient of Metabo Garcinia is Garcinia Cambogia; 800 mg of it to be exact in each dose with 60% HCA.

This is a good amount and while I would never suggest that it could give you the results you want without diet or exercise, if used alongside a healthy lifestyle then I could certainly expect faster than normal weight loss results.

Price of Metabo Garcinia

As a trial you may not expect Metabo Garcinia to cost much, and while this is initially true (there is a $4.95 shipping fee to be paid at sign up) this wont be the end of the charges received.

Unfortunately just 14 days after signing up you will be charged the full purchase price of $89.

As expected Metabo Garcinia operates as an auto-ship program so you will also find that further monthly charges will be made for further deliveries. That is until your subscription to their program has been cancelled.

Would we recommend Metabo Garcinia

If our decision was only based on the effectiveness of the product then we would certainly consider recommending Metabo Garcinia.

However, due to its high cost and use of auto-shipping there is little option but to recommend that you avoid the trial.

You don’t want to be signing up for a trial such as this that hides its payment terms from its potential customers.

How to contact Metabo Garcinia

To contact Metabo Garcinia or to get a refund I would suggest phoning the following number: (800) 990-9579

If you have trialled this particular Garcinia Cambogia supplement we would love to hear from you.

Below you will find a comment form whereby you can leave a short review of your experience with this trial offer.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Is there an alternative to Metabo Garcinia

Our recommended alternative to Metabo Garcinia is Garcinia Pure (available to buy for $60 from Evolution Slimming).

Not only is this particular supplement cheaper, but it also contains more Garcinia Cambogia (1,000 mg per serving) and a higher percentage of HCA (60%).

This makes it more effective as a weight loss supplement and will surely lead to impressive weight loss results.

As Garcinia Pure is unavailable for trial, there are no hidden charges, while the price you see is the price you pay.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

3 comments on "Is the Metabo Garcinia trial offer an auto-ship scam?"
  1. I ordered a trial of the Garcinia Pure and Green Coffee Pure from Pure Diet Products. They have now charged my card almost 200.00 dollars for a 10.00 purchase. I called the 1-800-990-9579 phone number on the insert labeled packing list that came in the box with the product. The first call was answered promptly but as soon as I explained my complaint the lady on the phone said you are breaking up. Then she put me on hold for 20 min. I used another phone and called the same number and another lady answered the phone and I went through the same info with her and she hung up she then called back and said that she was sorry that we got disconnected she said that I had not called the company In 14 days to cancel my subscription. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said that one was not available at this time, I asked her name and she said Athena I asked her to spell it and this was her spelling. I asked for the name of her supervisor and she said that they were not available and would not give me a name when I asked again she hung up on me. I called the number again and the automated recording said my subscription had been cancelled, I pushed 0 for an associate and waited for 20 minutes and the call was terminated from their end. I called a fourth time with the same results.

  2. This is SUCH A SCAM!!! I also purchased a bottle of the Pure Garcinia & Green Coffee Combo & read that if you cancel within the allotted time of 2 weeks, I would not be charged the full price. Well fast forward to 10 days into using it (by the way it really doesn’t work as well as they rave), I called & spoek to a David who said that I would be charged $39.99 upon cancelling, but not the full $90 price. I of course was outraged & told him that I cancelled in the correct amount of time, why am I being charged anything? He put me on hold,, came back & offered to refund me 20%? EXCUSE ME?!?! i was reimbursed 1/2 ($19.99) & was informed that my order was completely cancelled. LIES!! About 3 weeks later a charge for $88 appears on my account. I call yet again & spoke to Benjamin wh stated that ONLY the Garcinia was cancelled not the Green Coffee. Furious at this point that a true scam is in place, asked to speak with a supervisor or beter yet a manager. I was put on hold, but of course no supervision was available. I told him I needed the number to his legal department A.S.A.P!! He then said he wasn’t sure of what it was, but he could reimburse me 50% of my purchase! I’m still having a lawyer friend of mine look into them. If you are thinking about ordering from them,, STOP!! THINK!! THEN DON’T!!

  3. Worst experience ever ordering this product. Returned the product unopened sent it UPS tracking numbers and signatures and still they never refunded the money. Hung up on me 4 times saying to take it up with my bank, which I promptly did. They had no issue taking the money, just returning it!!

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