Is the Metabo Puremax trial offer a scam? – Truth revealed

Is the Metabo Puremax trial offer a scam? – Truth revealed

Metabo Puremax is a dietary supplement that makes a number of claims. One of which is that it can be trialled for free.

The following review will look at this offer in more detail, whether its claims are accurate or not, and whether there are any hidden charges involved with this offer?

Please read on before you rush to sign up for this offer.

Claims made by Metabo Puremax

The following claims have been made on the Metabo Puremax website:

  • Lose weight naturally
  • Shrink your waistline
  • Purify your system
  • Increase energy levels
  • Boost your metabolism

For anyone looking to lose weight this product would initially appear to be a miracle pill, but as we all know there is no such thing.

Will it help your own weight loss efforts though? We will certainly need to look at the ingredients found before we could answer this question.

Ingredients found in Metabo Puremax

Metabo Puremax contains Green Coffee Beans, but apart from that I have no idea.

Unfortunately there is no mention of any other ingredients, nor any dosage information.

Preferably we would like to see a label, but this is missing from the website.

Personally I would like to know what I am taking before receiving the product. This will save me wasting time and money on a product that may not even work.

Price of Metabo Puremax

The website claims that you can claim a 30 day supply for free, but this is untrue.

Not one aspect of this trial is free as you have to pay $5.95 for shipping when you first sign up then again 14 days later, with the second payment amounting to $49.95.

While this is not as expensive as some trial offers we have reviewed, this trial should not be advertised as free if it is not.

Having read the terms and conditions I can also reveal that at the conclusion of the trial you will be automatically placed onto an auto-ship program, which will send you further monthly packages at full price.

Is the Metabo Puremax trial a scam?

There is little to recommend about Metabo Puremax, there is very little ingredient information to back up its claims.

While it is not too expensive when compared to other products available for trial, the fact that it claims to be free will likely lead to complaints.

Finally, the auto-shipments are not something I am a fan of, and in the past have created plenty of problems for those who have signed up to them.

All in all this offer is best avoided. There are plenty of better alternatives available.

Contact details for Metabo Puremax

The contact details for Metabo Puremax are as follows. You will need this information to cancel the trial:

Phone: 877-719-7971
Email: support@metabopuremax.com

Please leave a comment below if you have signed up for this offer.

Alternative to Metabo Puremax

Raspberry Ketone PlusOur suggested alternative is not even a Green Coffee Bean supplement, although it is one of its ingredients.

The name of our suggested alternative is Raspberry Ketone Plus and it is available to buy online via the Evolution Slimming website.

This product contains various fat burning ingredients and has a long history of success. You only need to look at the various testimonials it has to see how effective it is.

Benefits offered include:

  • Weight loss
  • Fat burning
  • A faster metabolism

One of the best things about this product is it is not available for trial. The price you see is the price you pay, there is no hidden or repeat charges to worry about.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus



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