7 Metabolism Myths Busted

7 Metabolism Myths Busted

If you have ever attempted to diet or lose weight before you will no doubt know how important your metabolism is for helping you achieve your goal.

After-all, your metabolism or metabolic rate is the process whereby your body burns calories, which is important as without these calories being burnt they will be stored by your body as fat.

Unfortunately there are a few myths surrounding the metabolism, or rather there are myths surrounding the ability to boost your metabolism.

Well, fear not as in this article we will look at these myths and find out how best to achieve your weight loss goals.

Metabolism Myth #1: The juice cleanse

The truth is that juice cleanses do not affect your metabolism and any weight lost is likely to be ‘water weight’.

Often these kinds of cleanses use diuretics so you are likely to be visiting the toilet more than you would normally.

A better alternative would be to simply drink a metabolism boosting tea such as Green tea, Oolong tea or Pu-erh tea.

These types of tea contain EGCG that helps to break down fat using a process called lipolysis, while also preventing the formation of new fat cells by blocking adipogenesis.

Metabolism Myth #2: Skipping breakfast

Research has shown that skipping breakfast has no effect on your metabolism (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition). However, I would still recommend that you eat something healthy to start your day to ensure you do not suffer mid-morning food cravings.

I would recommend some protein, and some fibre to ensure your cravings do not become an issue.

Metabolism Myth #3: Hot workouts

While you may be sweating more when you workout in a warm environment your metabolism is not affected. This means that once you regain those lost fluids by drinking any weight lost will quickly return.

Science has suggested that the cold is better for your metabolism, with a study published in the journal Diabetes indicating that sleeping in a colder room at night will help burn off fat by activating your brown fat stores.

Metabolism Myth #4: Spicy peppers

While it is true that spicy peppers can boost your metabolism thanks to a compound that they contain (capsaicin), the truth is that the milder variety of pepper is also effective.

A study has discovered that these milder peppers contain a compound called DCT (dihydrocapsiate) can also boost your metabolism, so you can get the benefit without the irritation.

Metabolism Myth #5: Quinoa

While quinoa is certainly a good option for weight loss (especially if you are vegetarian), it is certainly not the only option as there are various other ancient grains that are as just as effective.

Lose WeightYou may also want to try Kamut (otherwise known as Khorsan wheat) as it is full of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, while being low in calories.

It also contains zinc, iron and various B-vitamins so can help keep your energy levels high while you go about your daily chores.

Metabolism Myth #6: Avoid carbs at night

You have probably heard time and again that you should avoid eating late at night as this will cause weight gain, however this is not the case.

In fact there have been 2 studies that have shown the opposite to be true.

These studies have shown that those who at carbs at night were able to burn more calories the following day.

The study published in the journal Obesity has shown that nighttime carb eaters lost 27% more body fat than those who ate a normal diet.

Metabolism Myth #7: Caffeine found in energy drinks

While caffeine can give your metabolism a boost, it is after-all a stimulant, the truth is that most energy drinks are full of sugar and calories so very little benefit will be experienced.

Chances are you will be consuming far more calories than you burn, which unfortunately will lead to fat storage and weight gain.

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