5 Metabolism Myths

5 Metabolism Myths

We all know that our metabolism is important for weight loss as it helps to burn off those excess calories before they are converted into that dreaded body fat.

However, there are a few myths about your metabolism that may leave you feeling confused about it. Here are 5 of them:

#1: If you are skinny you must have a high metabolism

While you may think that skinny people have a high metabolism; they can eat what they want without gaining weight, right? Well, the reality is that they often have a slower resting metabolic rate as there is less of them.

It has been shown that larger people tend to have higher metabolic rates, so perhaps there is another reason why they are unable to lose weight. Like, maybe their diet or a lack of exercise perhaps?

Those with more muscle mass are the ones with the higher metabolic rates, so if you want to burn calories and lose weight then I suggest you try and increase the amount of muscle present on your body.

Therefore it is time to start lifting a few weights, but don’t worry if you are female you will not become manly. As you do not produce enough testosterone.

#2: If you skip a meal your metabolism will slow

It has long been believed that eating often helps to raise your metabolism, well this is a myth.

This is not to say that eating little and often has no weight loss benefit, as you will feel less hunger cravings as your stomach will never quite be empty.

Just make sure what you are eating is healthy and that you are not consuming too much, otherwise eating often could result in weight gain rather than loss.

#3: Those foods you eat late will turn to fat

It really does not matter when you eat, what is more important is what you are eating.

Whether you eat rubbish during the day or at night the result will be the same, therefore whenever possible you should choose a healthier option.

#4: Metabolism simply means burning calories

While your metabolism is important for burning calories, there is another aspect that many of us often forget.

CaloriesYour metabolism also helps to store energy for use at a later point through a process called anabolism.

Both the burning (catabolism) and storing of calories is important for good health.

#5: You cannot control your metabolism

When it comes to weight loss it is easy for us to blame the metabolism. However, as previously mentioned there are ways that you can boost your metabolic rate; for example by increasing your overall muscle mass.

There are also numerous other methods that you could use to increase your metabolism naturally:

  1. Get more sleep; a lack of sleep can reduce your metabolism
  2. Drink more water; not only can you reduce calorie consumption, cold water can cause a process called thermogenesis to occur (your internal body temperature increases)
  3. Drink coffee; the caffeine is a natural stimulant, just watch out for added milk/cream and sugar
  4. Eat more protein; your body uses more calories to break down protein than fat and carbs

So don’t believe all those metabolism myths, with a few changes you can certainly get your metabolism burning, which will put you on track to finally achieving your weight loss goals.

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