Miracle Diet 30 & Miracle Rock 48 Recalled

Miracle Diet 30 & Miracle Rock 48 Recalled

It has recently been announced by the FDA that The One Minute Miracle Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of both the Miracle Diet 30 and Miracle Rock 48 diet pills.

The reason for this is that they were both found to contain undeclared drugs that have meant that the products have now been unapproved.

What was found in Miracle Diet 30 & Miracle Rock 48?

Miracle Diet 30 was found to contain phenolphthalein, while Miracle Rock 48 was found to contain thiosildenafil.

What issues could these drugs cause?

Miracle Diet 30Phenolphthalein was once used in over-the-counter laxatives but was removed from the market due to concerns of carcinogenicity, which could increase the risk of developing the following conditions with long-term use:

  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Cancer

Thiosildenafil on the other hand could cause a significant drop in blood pressure that the FDA warn could potentially be life threatening.

At the present time there have been no reported instances of any side effects associated with these products. If you experience any however then seek immediate medical assistance.

Are any other products affected?

As well as the recall of Miracle Diet 30 and Miracle Rock 48 the manufacturer has also chosen to voluntarily recall the following products too:

  • Miracle Cholesterol
  • Miracle Night Time
  • Miracle Joint-Flex
  • Miracle Stud 72
  • Miracle Magic Man
  • Male Mint Gum
  • Miracle 48 Hrs
  • Miracle Magic Woman
  • Miracle Cougar
  • Miracle Cougar Gum
  • Miracle Cougar G-Spot
  • Miracle G-Spot
  • Vagina Rejuvenation
  • Miracle Anti-Wrinkle
  • Miracle Stud Delay
  • Miracle Male Stud Spray
  • Miracle Male Stud Coffee
  • Miracle Male Coffee
  • Male 10
  • Miracle Male Stud Sublingual
  • Male 72 Hr
  • Miracle Tongue Sublingual
  • Miracle Tongue
  • Master Blaster

Is there an alternative?

An alternative that I would thoroughly recommend would be Raspberry Ketone Plus, a supplement available online from Evolution Slimming.

Not only does this supplement contain proven natural ingredients, but they are also safe to use too, with no reported side effects.

A months supply of Raspberry Ketone Plus will set you back just $31, which is incredibly cost effective for such a popular product.

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