Miracle Diet Drops scam

Miracle Diet Drops scam

Unfortunately there seems to be yet another company looking to make a fast buck off the back of people own insecurities.

Miracle Diet Drops claim to be able to help people just like you to reach their weight loss goals, however from the staggeringly high number of complaints currently online it is extremely doubtful that this is the case.

What does Miracle Diet Drops claim?

Well, the main claim made by Miracle Diet Drops is weight loss, but how it can achieve this is unknown.

Unfortunately although it states that a natural blend of ingredients have been used, the only ingredient listed is Raspberry Ketone.

Now Raspberry Ketones have become incredibly popular over the past year or so after appearing on the Dr Oz Show in the US.

Raspberry Ketones are proven to aid weight loss but without knowing the amount of this ingredient present in the formula or its other ingredients then it is impossible to know how effective it really is.

Miracle Diet Drops has a few positive looking testimonials on its official website, but these can easily be made up.

How much do Miracle Diet Drops cost?

Miracle Diet Drops costs £29 for one bottle, which will last 23 days based on the 10-12 drops you should be taking 3 times a day.

The website itself does not instil much confidence as it is poorly designed and does not list any contact details, which is actually illegal in the UK.

There is another website selling Miracle Diet Drops, £27.50. ‘Miracle Diet Drops North East’, which also does not list a company address.

What kind of complaints have been made?

Complaints have ranged from these diet drops not causing any weight loss to side effects such as fainting and nose bleeds.

How to contact the company behind Miracle Diet Drops?

There is no address or contact information on the official website or Facebook page only a contact form, however a little research has shown that their email address is miracledietdrops@btinternet.com

Miracle Diet Drops North East can be contacted on 01429 824852 or dawn.miracledietdrops@yahoo.co.uk

Are Miracle Diet Drops recommended?

There is little to recommend about Miracle Diet Drops, its website is a huge red flag and I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to spend their money on a product listed on it.

The lack of contact information and listed ingredients is also a worry and in my opinion I would stay well clear of this product.

Is there an alternative to Miracle Diet Drops?

A proven alternative to Miracle Diet Drops is Raspberry Ketone Plus, another product that is made using Raspberry Ketones.

Unlike Miracle Diet Drops, Raspberry Ketone Plus shows what it is made from (the daily recommended amount of 200mg of Raspberry Ketone).

It is also considerably cheaper at £19.95 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

6 comments on "Miracle Diet Drops scam"
  1. I am a customer of MDD, I lost weight, had no problems and feel terrific. I love the support they give, the communication and advice, the new website and the private Member’s area, the fact that there are so many food choices I never go hungry and the recipes are terrific.

    • Cas, you are crazy. Not sure why anyone would risk signing up to this ‘plan’. The website looks like something my nephew could do. Shocking!!

  2. Miracle Diet Drops WORKS 6000 people plus just cannot be wrong! We do not use Raspberry Ketone alone because it doesn’t work on its own. This is why we offered tailored plans to the individual and 1-1 buddy systems.

    Our plan is way more sophisticated than the plans of the 80s and our results speak for themselves.

  3. Have to agree that their website is a shambles. No ingredients have been mentioned and although a diet buddy is a good idea I would be scared to buy anything from the Miracle Diet Drop website.

    • You are clearly a sheep then as the website is fantastic I get fed up with this constant back biting from drop away diet group and secret diet drop

  4. These diet drops do not work. Not lost any weight using them, also the website is amateurish at best. 🙁

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