6 Misleading Health Claims

6 Misleading Health Claims

If you want to lose weight then eating healthily is certainly a good idea, unfortunately there are certain ‘buzzwords’ that food companies use to make their unhealthy foods sound healthy.

What are these words and misleading health claims and how can we avoid buying these unhealthy foods?

Misleading Health Claim #1: Its ‘natural

Just because a product is made using ‘natural’ ingredients does not necessarily mean that it will be good for you.

Often these products will contain 1 or 2 natural ingredients but the others are not so natural.

Sometimes the majority of the product is made up of natural ingredients but then you will find that there have been sugars or sweeteners added, which is certainly not healthy.

Misleading Health Claim #2: Its ‘real

What exactly does ‘real’ food mean? The manufacturer will say that it means that the food is a premium product, but is this really the case?

Misleading Health Claim #3: Its ‘organic

Again, there are ‘organic’ products available to buy in your local supermarket that may not be as healthy as you would think.

Misleading Health Claim #4: Its ‘whole grain

Food manufacturers only have to add a minute amount of whole grain ingredients to their product to state that it contains it.

Check food labelAs whole grains are particularly good for you this will immediately make you believe that the food itself is good for you, which as stated previously may not be the case.

Misleading Health Claim #5: ‘Light, lean, skinny’ or other weight loss phrases

Using phrases such as these will make you think that the food will help with your weight loss efforts.

Unfortunately this is not always the truth.

Misleading Health Claim #6: Contains ‘fibre

Fibre is good for weight loss as it can help to fill you up, it also has other health benefits.

This why some manufacturers will make a big deal about advertising the fact that their product contains fibre, neglecting to mention of the less healthy ingredients that it contains.

How to make sure what you are eating is healthy?

The only way to really know what is in the food you are buying is to look at the label.

It only takes a minute but it is certainly better than buying a product that may not help with your weight loss efforts.

Better still though would be to buy the ingredients of your favourite foods individually so that you can prepare them yourself. This way you will know exactly what it is in food you are eating.

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