What is the Morning Banana Diet? Could it help your weight loss efforts?

What is the Morning Banana Diet? Could it help your weight loss efforts?

The Morning Banana Diet is a diet that originates from Japan that has taken the Internet by storm.

This diet is claimed to be “simple, cheap and stress free”, while also claiming to help you lose over three stone.

Lets look at how this diet works and whether you could experience similar results.

What is the Morning Banana Diet?

According to the websites translated from Japanese this is “a diet for people who don’t want to bother with a diet, who don’t want to read a book (although there are books on it in Japan), who are basically in control of things but need a little structure.

You should not expect to lose too much weight on this diet, probably between 3-35 pounds.

Rules of the Morning Banana Diet

Originally called the “Asa Banana Diet”, for Westerners who wish to follow the diet its rules have been translated:

Rule #1: Eat a banana for breakfast

You are allowed to eat more than the one banana, but not too many as to feel too full.

Only raw, uncooked bananas are allowed. And you are allowed to substitute for other fruit if you want.

Rule #2: Eat a normal lunch and dinner

You are allowed to eat anything you want for both lunch and dinner, you just need to make sure you only eat until you are satisfied.

You are not allowed to eat any dessert, and must finish by 8pm.

Rule #3: Only drink water

You should only drink water, not soft drinks. And this water should be room temperature, not chilled or hot.

It is best that you drink in sips, rather than chugging it down.

You are allowed beer or wine on special occasions.

Rule #4: Eat mindfully

To enhance the satisfaction gained from your food you must practice mindfulness, so should try to focus on aspects of the food such as its taste.

Rule #5: Exercise only if you want

While exercise is recommended, you do not need to add extra pressure to yourself to do it. A leisurely walk daily will suffice.

Rule #6: Afternoon snacks are allowed

Unlike some diets, you are allowed to snack on the Morning Banana Diet, but only in the afternoon at around 3pm.

You are allowed both chocolate and cookies, but snacks like ice-cream, donuts and crisps are not.

Salty snacks like popcorn are also allowed, but you should try to watch the fat content of them.

Rule #7: Get an early night

It is recommended that you go to bed before midnight, and to ensure you leave a 4 hour window between bedtime and your last meal or snack.

Rule #8: Keep a diet diary

Keeping a food diary will help you to keep track of your progress, not only to make changes if necessary, but also to look back on to see how you have progressed.

Will this diet help you achieve your weight loss goals?

Looking at the rules of the Morning Banana Diet there is little doubt in my mind that it will help your weight loss efforts.

There are a few issues that I can see though, for instance the allowance of snacks. If you are not careful then too many snacks can affect your overall calorie intake.

Also, I am a fan of starting your day with a good breakfast. While eating fruit is no doubt a low-calorie option, will you feel hungry mid-morning? Possibly.

I would prefer to start my day with a good source of protein and fibre, so that my hunger cravings stay at bay till lunch.

Perhaps you could try it and see if you experience the same, please leave a comment below if you do.

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