8 Must Eat Foods for Weight Loss

8 Must Eat Foods for Weight Loss

For those of us wishing to lose weight it isn’t always about you are not allowed to eat, but sometimes what you should be eating that counts.

Below you will find some foods that you should really consider eating if you want to reach your weight loss goals:

#1: Poultry

Both chicken and turkey are lean meats that are full of protein, which make them an ideal food type for weight loss.

Protein is slower to digest than both fat and carbohydrates so will help keep you fuller for longer.

It is also important for repairing muscle therefore shortening rest times between gym workouts.

#2: Quinoa

Quinoa is often described as a ‘superfood’ as its is a source of complete protein, which basically means that it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

You should eat quinoa instead of eating rice or couscous.

#3: Spinach

Spinach is full of essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, which helps the body to produce collagen.

Collagen helps keep your skin tight and elastic so will aid your toning efforts.

One other benefit of spinach is that is full of fibre, meaning it helps keep you fuller for longer, therefore reducing the need to snack between mealtimes.

#4: Shellfish

Shellfish such as oysters are perfect for anyone trying to lose weight as they contain high levels of protein, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin A, while containing very few calories.

The nutrients found in shellfish can aid the production of collagen and is good for your overall health.

#5: Apple cider vinegar

This can help prevent water retention and is also a good anti-inflammatory, meaning you are able to recover from injury that little bit faster than normal.

You can add apple cider vinegar to your own salad dressing and can be used in both sauces and soups.

#6: Yellow pepper

Yellow peppers contain vitamin C that can help keep your fitness regime on track as it can help prevent the onset of colds.

Its can also help with the production of collagen.

#7: Fatty fish

Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herrings and sardines contain omega 3 fatty acids that can enhance the effects of weight training as it can help increase the blood flow to your muscles.

These omega 3 fatty acids can also help reduce muscle breakdown, while reducing inflammation leading to faster recovery times.

#8: Milk

Milk contains calcium which is one of the most important nutrients for your body.

The reason why is that it can ensure your muscles and bones remain strong and healthy, which is essential while working out regularly.

Just be careful not to consume too much as dairy products such as milk can be high in fat too.

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