Nadiya Hussain Reveals 3 Stone Weight Loss

Nadiya Hussain Reveals 3 Stone Weight Loss

Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain has recently revealed how she lost 3 stone in just 9 months, but how did she achieve this feat?

Why did she want to lose weight?

Despite claiming to be happy and “comfortable”, the 30 year old winner of CBBO had gained weight and was now a dress size 18.

Rather than stay at this weight she decided that she would lose weight to become healthier for her family. At present she has 3 young children, as well as a husband who she describes as being a “dreamboat”.

“After I was married and a mum, I got comfortable, my husband loved me, the house was warm, I was happy. I was a size 16/18.”

How did she lose the weight?

At first Nadiya tried meal replacements, but discovered that these were not suited to her lifestyle, instead she made some other healthy changes that have made a big difference.

“I decided three years ago to do something about my weight. I briefly tried meal replacements and lost a stone but they didn’t suit me.”

“Instead, I just ate smaller portions of food and walked a lot. I would do five miles before the kids got up and then go out again in the evening. I also drank around 4 litres of water a day. Gradually, over nine months I lost three stone.”

So can you lose weight like Nadiya?

If you have gained weight recently and are worrying about your own health, you can see by the results achieved by Nadiya that you do not have to make drastic changes to see great results.

She managed to lose 3 stone in 9 months just with a few small changes:

  • She ate smaller portions
  • She walked more
  • She drank more water

Of course, these results are not as dramatic as some other celebrities, but losing weight at too fast a rate is often unsustainable and the weight will likely return just as quickly as it was lost.

Slow and steady weight loss is usually best as it is more sustainable. You just need to be patient and remember to tell yourself that you did not gain weight overnight so cannot be expected to lose it overnight either.

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