Natural Cleanse Plus consumer report

Natural Cleanse Plus consumer report

The modern world is full of toxins that cause various health problems when their levels build up within your body.

For this reason it is important that every now and then you give your body a good detox.

This detoxification can remove these toxins and stored waste, which will almost instantly improve your health and help with your weight issues.

One way you can detox is through the use of colon cleanser, however you need to be careful which one you choose.

Some are offered as trials that unfortunately lead to auto ship programs that will leave you out of pocket.

Natural Cleanse Plus is offered as a trial but does that automatically make a scam. Let us find out the truth behind this colon cleanser.

Claims made by Natural Cleanse Plus

The following claims have been made on the Natural Cleanse Plus website:

  • Detoxify colon, liver and gallbladder
  • Improve health and metabolism
  • Increase energy levels
  • Extreme antioxidant

We would need to look at the ingredients used by Natural Cleanse Plus before we can verify any of these claims.

Ingredients of Natural Cleanse Plus

Natural Cleanse Plus does not mention any of its ingredients or their quantities on their website.

Without this information there is no way of knowing what effects will be experienced or any.

This is a serious issue that should make you doubt signing up for this trial.

Price of Natural Cleanse Plus

Although Natural Cleanse Plus is available on a one-time purchase, we are going to look at the trial option as this seems to be getting the most complaints.

The 14 day trial will initially cost just $0.95, which is an insignificant amount designed to entice you into signing up for the trial.

After this trial has ended you will be charged $59.52, which although cheaper than many other products offered as an initial trial is still too high.

What you may not realise is that signing up for the trial also means that you are signing up for an auto ship program too, where you will continue to be charged each month until you cancel.

Is Natural Cleanse Plus a scam?

With the lack of product information I would recommend giving Natural Cleanse Plus a wide birth, while its trial offer may initially sound promising to you, this again should be avoided.

You will likely regret it once you realise the true cost of the trial.

Contact details for Natural Cleanse Plus

The contact details for Natural Cleanse Plus are as follows:


(USA) 1-855-627-5871
(UK) +44 (0) 203 642 4667

Email: support@naturalcleanseplus.com

Returns should be sent to:

At Cost Fulfillment
c/o Natural Cleanse Plus Returns
2338 Rowland Ave.
Savannah, GA.
31404    USA

There is also a UK address:

483 Green Lanes, London, England, N134BS, United Kingdom

Unlike some other auto ship programs you will find online Natural Cleanse Plus has an ‘easy cancel’ button on their website, which is claimed to make the cancellation of their trial that much easier.

If you have signed up for this trial we would love to hear from you. Leave a message below.

Also, please share this review so that others like you know what sales tactics are being used by Natural Cleanse Plus.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Natural Cleanse Plus

DetoxPlus is a proven alternative to Natural Cleanse Plus. It is sold online by Evolution Slimming for $31, which is considerably cheaper and lists its ingredients in full.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus!

22 comments on "Natural Cleanse Plus consumer report"
  1. I have been charged for a natural cleanse plus on June 9 , which I did not order ,I bought 2 but did not order any more .was charged to my visa , please cancel and reverse the charges of $66.97
    Thank you
    Isobel Sanderson

    • Hello Isobel.

      You will need to contact Natural Cleanse Plus using the information provided above. I do not work for that company or any company. This website simply reviews and exposes the various tactics used by these companies.

    • Total rip off, don’t believe this crap for 4.95, yes apparently there was fine print. Bullshit!!!!! They also led me to believe this was coming from Canada. TOTAL SCAM!!!!! BEWARE!!!! Wow their going to give me 35% return. The rep that I spoke with was extremely rude!! Of course he is probably getting this crap all day for minimum wage. Can’t blame him.

  2. Do not order this product they will rob your bank account and lie to you about refunds!


  4. Absolute rip off! My wife tried their free trial. When they charged her account for 4 small charges, she called and cancelled they continued billing her card for 3 months and refuse to refund the money. they reps are rude. Horrible company. If you look them up on BBB they have an F rating, and are showing several complaints for the same issues. After calling the multiple times, they finally told me that she only cancelled one of the products. That each product you get from them they put on a different account, so if you call a certain number they will cancel 1 product then when they charge you again they will say you didn’t cancel that account. The first two reps told me they dont have sups that talking to customers, and even stating they would not transfer the call. The 3rd rep I talked to finally told me about the separate accounts and told me that you have to call a different number to cancel the other product. I was calling the number that was reported to my credit card company. I told them I was done with the game and would be reporting them to the BBB and that’s when their sup came on the line. after debating with him for 10 mins he gave me about half of what they billed us for. about 60 dollars out of just over 120. When I talked to the sup about the complaints on the web against their company, and on BBB. He said ” when you have hundreds of thousands customers there are always unhappy one so thats not a big deal.” WOW! Don’t do business with this company you will regret it.

  5. Don’t waste your time or money like I did. The product does not work and they will not refund your money. They give you only 14 days to test the product. Not enough time for results and if you don’t call them within the 14 days they refuse to give you your money back. Its a scam. Don’t fall for their lies.

  6. I want to cancel my order for future shipment s. How do I do this? I have been billed for November but I don’t want the product. Please advise how to cancel this charge.

  7. I’ve been very interested in purchasing and using a natural detox product for a while now, so when I was introduced to Lady Soma, I was eager to get the process started. Here was my experience with the Detox from Lady Soma:

    Day 1 I didn’t really notice too much of an effect, but by Day 2 there was a tangible and noticeable effect going on in my body. Over the next few days, I began to purge toxins and feel better and my belly began to tighten up! Another great benefit was the extra boost of energy the pills provide which helped to kickstart my workout routines. I see that the detoxifying effects also gives your body more energy since you are operating more cleanly.

    A few weeks into the program, I notice less bloating. . .

  8. I have been taking thus product for 2 mos and it is working for me. I have lost weight and my stomach is never bloated. Even if I were to eat pizza. I do walk 2 miles a day. But before I started walking the pills were making me feel great and I did not change my eating habits. But you must absolutely drink a lot of water. This is a must.

  9. Just resivced the pills. Don’t send or try to take out money form my bank. It isn’t going to happen. I am ordering a different kined of pills.

  10. Yes this is a scam.
    As noted above the customer reps are very rude. I never received my Bottles due to their system rearranging my ship to and bill to addresses. It was never stated that this was a trail that I was being entered into an auto ship program after 14 days.
    How can you tell if a product works in 14 days!!
    I was awoken at 3 am by my credit card company alerting me to potential fraud activity on my card and I had to cancel it. I am now in the process of moving all my payee info. to my new card.
    Stay away from this company!! Thieves and extortioners.

  11. I tried this product for 2 months and it did wonders for me..
    I lost a total of 18 lbs in 2 months and have managed to keep it off (its been a year now). Mind you with taking the Natural cleanse plus i was exercising 4 times a week, drinking lots of water and still watching my diet.

    I never felt bloated and my stomach was FLAT..this is a great cleanse. Which is why you cannot buy this product in any store ( not available in Canada) I have used other types of cleanses and this is the best. I will be using this again in the near future.
    Warning this product does cause you to go to the bathroom a lot – hence the “cleanse”…

    Great product!

  12. PLEASE NOTE THEY TOOK R 1800 from me and after more than two months no order and same feedback all the time – this is a scam

  13. This company is a complete scam!! I signed up for a FREE trial in April, didn’t recieve anything. By May I called about it, they said it shipped and but I didn’t get anything. I told them just cancel it, I dont even want it anymore. The lady said that was fine and canceled everything. So I thought…checking back at my card information I was charged 381.00 for the past 3 months and never recieved anything! I called today and spent a good half an hour on the phone for someone to just hang up on me. Called back and talk to someone different and spent another 45 minutes on the phone for them to tell me that I can’t get reimbursed for the amounts after 30 days but they can work with me on the one amount not past 30 days. He started off with only 35% back, then with 50% back, then finally all back but shipping. So…I paid a few hundred dollars for something I never recieved, got reimbursed not even 15% of it, and still paid for shipping.


  14. Pls reverse my visa back I don’t need the cleanser

  15. DO NOT BUY!!!! I WAS CHARGED 105$

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