Is the Nature’s Slim Garcinia trial offer a scam?

Is the Nature’s Slim Garcinia trial offer a scam?

One of the latest products to try and cash in on the current popularity of Garcinia Cambogia is Nature’s Slim Garcinia.

It makes some pretty astounding claims on its website, but can it back these claims up with proof?

In the following review we will look more closely at this offer. Whether its ingredients are good enough to help with your own weight loss efforts, plus whether there are any hidden charges too?

From our first glance at their website I can see that Nature’s Slim Garcinia is available for trial, which could potentially be a bad sign.

Past experience has shown me that these types of offer often lead onto expensive auto-ship programs.

This review will reveal the truth behind the claims.

Claimed benefits of Nature’s Slim Garcinia

The main claim made is that it is “simply a fast way to burn fat”, but it is certainly not the only claim that has been made.

Other claims include:

  • Rapid absorption for maximum results
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Naturally effective solution

When looking at dietary supplements you should never sign up for an offer based purely on its claims. You should always look for actual proof.

The easiest way to check how a product works is by looking at what ingredients it uses.

What ingredients are found in Nature’s Slim Garcinia?

While there is no label available, nor any mention of any additional ingredients on its website, we can safely assume that the main ingredient used is Garcinia Cambogia.

The product images used also show that Nature’s Slim Garcinia contains 60% HCA, which is above the recommended 50%. Meaning you are likely to see some weight loss benefits from using this product.

I would recommend that you look at both your diet and activity levels for best results.

True cost of Nature’s Slim Garcinia

You may expect Nature’s Slim Garcinia to not cost a lot, especially as it is available for trial, so you will likely be in for a shock to find that at the end of the 14 day trial you will be charged $149.83.

Failure to cancel the trial also means that you are automatically signed up to an auto-ship program that will ship you further monthly packages. These deliveries will set you back $79.85.

Is Nature’s Slim Garcinia a scam?

There is certainly some benefit to be experienced from the use of this product, but the fact remains that it is incredibly overpriced.

There are numerous alternatives available at a much more affordable price. So I would suggest that you take a look at one of them instead of wasting your valuable time and money on expensive trial offers.

Contact details for Nature’s Slim Garcinia

The contact details for Nature’s Slim Garcinia are as follows, you will need these to cancel your trial:

Phone: 1-855-474-9367
Email: support@nslimmaxgc.com

Please leave a message below if you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave a review of your own experiences.

Alternative to Nature’s Slim Garcinia

Garcinia PureWhile we do not recommend the above reviewed offer, if you visit the Evolution Slimming website you will find an alternative that we do recommend.

Its name is Garcinia Pure and it also contains 60% HCA, which ensures that you will experience the full benefits for yourself.

Benefits provided include:

  • Weight loss
  • Body fat production reduced
  • Fewer food cravings between meals
  • Lower cholesterol levels

Garcinia Pure is not available for trial, so no risk of auto-shipping or any hidden charges.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure


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  1. I ordered the free trail got it but was charge 59.97 for more do not want anymore I would like my money back in my account.cause didn’t order anymore.Thank yoy

    • You should use the contact information provided in the above review.

      • I would like to get straight to the point… your “free trial bottle ” is not “free”, I just received my bottle in the mail today and would like the address to return this product and for you to stop any further payments and or delivery of this product! Your prices are outrageous and I do NOT want any more of your product delivered. I have called the number to cancel and was told to call back the day before my “free trial “ends… How about the email I sent that states I do not want this product and to cancel and remove me from your product list and off my bank account. And the additional 6 times I called that a representative states they can’t hear my order number… it’s real simple.. my order number is 715883 order placed on 09/24/2017 shipping amount of USPS $3.95. Please send me a return address and confirmation that I will not be shipped any further products or further billing to my account. I will be in contact with my bank tomorrow morning regarding any further payments and will ensure that my bank has my full permission to seek any further funds aside from the USPS $3.95 for the initial shipping cost that you attempt to take from my account! This is ridiculous having to jump through hoops for a “free trial bottle ” of a product that I will not be trying thanks to false pretense and cheating people out of hard earned money .

      • Thank you for posting this information about the additional hidden charges and conditions. It is unfortunate that I came across it AFTER I ordered my free trial of Nature’s Slim amd Slim Cleanse but I am grateful you posted this ingormation along with the number to call to cancel the order. I just spent an hour on the phone trying to get their customer service reps to cancel my order and the charges and boy! They do not give up easily! But I finally was successful in getting my order cancelled and saving myself from further charges thanks to you and your website posting this information! For anyone else in a similar situation let me tell you if they say they can’t cancel your order or refund you the shipping fee, that’s a lie. They can and have to if you demand it. If they give you a difficult time, just ask to speak to their supervisor and see how suddenly they can help you. Also, they should give you a cancelation confirmation number and just for posterity, ask for them to send a cancelation confirmation to your email as well. Hope this helps. And thanks again YourWeightLoss.com for posting this information.

      • I was scammed too.! Are the contact details for Nature’s Slim Garcinia the same for Slim Cleanse?

    • I ordered Natures slim for trial together with a Slim Cleanse. Three weeks later I was charged way over $100.00 for each product that I was not expecting. Now they will not refund my money I have not even opened my products and do not want any further shipments. This is a total SCAM.

  2. j’ai fais l’erreur de prendre l’essais gratuit qui ne me coutait que les frais de livraisons mais malheureusement je me suis fais prendre car depuis quelques temps la compagnie qui distribue ce produit (garcinia nature slim ) tente a toutes les semaines de retirer des montants differents sur ma carte de credit et depuis il m’es impossible de rejoindre le service a la clientele pour annuler cet abonnement que je ne desire pas du tout…. mais je n’en resterais pas la… je vais prendre les procedure qui s’imposent contre eux.

  3. This is the biggest scam! I signed up for a one-month free trail, and was only supposed to pay $3.95 shipping and handling… only to be charged over $70 CAN 12 days later. Apparently it was in the fine print that the ‘one month free trial’ needed to be cancelled after only 12 days if I didn’t want to pay a fortune to order another bottle of the product. I also ran into problems cancelling. I couldn’t get through to anyone even though I tried calling 3 times and e-mailed, so they claim they didn’t get my e-mail or have any record of the voicemails I left saying I wanted to cancel. So I was charged AGAIN. I feel really stupid for even ordering this in the first place, and will not get sucked into one of these scams again.

  4. I would like to cancel , because it is to expensive I really cannot afford it sorry. My order numbers is 420907 thank you.my phone number is 709 -895-2805. Please leave a message.

    • You need to use the contact information provided in the above review to cancel.

      • I have requested this free trial to be cancelled on may 20th 2017 by telephone. Tell me why there is a charge of 164.99 from my credit card on may 28th 2017. I better get refunded to my card immediately. I will also be going to the bank and the police station to make report first thing Monday morning. I will be calling back the 800 number monday may 29th 2017 as it is closed on Sunday may 28th 2017. This is ridiculous. I will also be reporting this to thousands of viewers on ctv and breakfast television as I work for them as well. And let everyone know that this is a SCAM!

        • The above is a review, as stated previously.

          Have you tried using the contact details provided?

        • I had the same problem
          They charged me 162.67 and 2 days later 168.22
          I am livid

        • I have been charged over 500 dollars so far
          They don’t answer their phone so I just emailed them

        • The company name that makes the shipments and charges is Fullfilment Solutions, 1921 S. Alma School Rd. Ste 111 Mesa AZ. They are able to put ridicolous charges through to your Visa, but they cannot give you credit unless you continue with further shipments with a lower prize. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

  5. HUGE SCAM> I accepted a FREE thank you gift after filling out a survey about my banking experience, so I assumed it was my through my bank. I chose this from several options on a whim with only 3.95 shipping costs. Actually about $6 Canadian. It arrived 10 days later. 2 weeks later my credit card was charged $164.63 even though I barely used it because of an upset stomach. The paperwork that came with it says nothing about auto ship or auto payments or a cancellation deadline. Nothing. But it did have their phone number 1-855-474-9367. I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with them. The rep kept offering me a partial refund of $20 then $40 then $80, as long as I stayed on the plan for shipments. I told her I would call my bank to go after the money and that since I work for a newspaper, they might want to watch for my review of their company. Finally she agreed to refund my $, only after I return the product to Arizona and said she already cancelled my account for any more charges. Now I’m on hold for my bank’s dispute department. The bank said not to follow their directions. Just let the bank follow up. The pop up survey was malware placed illegally to look like the bank, but it was them. Apparently you can have someone

    • Hello Kelly Bowers,
      I was a victim of Nature’slim Garcinia Cambodia. I contacted the number that provided by you and cancelled. I was not aware I was charged until May 20-2017 for the amount of 169.99. I spoke with one of the reps. I did ask for a supervisor but she said she could handle my call. She asked for the account # I told her I did not have any information about company and honestly was surprised to see $169.99 got taken from my bank account. She pulled “supposedly” my account # and my email address and told me “yes, indeed you did sign up with us” I told her I did not, I only ordered a FREE TRIAL with “Nature’s Slim” and clicked NO on Nature’Slim Garcinia Cambodia’ site. She said we are under the same umbrella and to ensure the product is working we want the consumers to try both products. Anyway, after talking with Grace, she was apologetic and told me the company will cancel and refund $40.00US back to my account. I told her “Absolutely NOT & wanted the full amount” then said the company will refund $50.00US to my account. Again, I was persistent and finally she said $80.00US because that was the only final amount she is allowed to refund back to my account. I told her, ok because I feel bad (for Grace) and it wasn’t her fault that the company that she is working for is being deceitful to the people. I told her if the money is not back in my account in 7 days, my bank will pursue for damages. She ensured me by giving me the transit refund #, her badge number then said “please do not ask your bank to pursue” told her again “it has to be pursued if I didn’t get my money back” overall, lesson learned. Never again to FREE TRIAL because now I understand the word TRIAL is FREE but the PRODUCT is NOT.
      Thank you to all whose reporting and alarming others on this site. It does help to know we have each other back.

    • I too was a victim of this scam. It was a free gift for doing a survey but had to pay shipping. No where on the packing slip did it say trial offer. It cost over $160.00 cdn. After complaining about the scam i was refunded $50.00 and accepted because they would not listen to reason. THIS IS ONE BIG SCAM AND i FEEL SO STUPID FOR GETTING CAUGHT UP IN IT. Not only that, when i accepted this so called free gift, another pop up saying there is more (Slim Cleanse). Well I paid the shipping on that and was dinged another $158.00 for that. Same thing. Impossible to deal with-got another $50.00 refund. SCAMMED TWICE.

  6. I was charged. 109.95 on April 4 and 90.89 was taken again today. I received 1 bottleof of the bs pills and cancelled everything on the phone. So i really wanna freak out!!!!

  7. I fall under that the same way. The page I open somehow was saying FREE 5-6 times, I was looking around for the hidden fee, didn’t notice any. So, I did pay to ship, under $5 CAN.
    I got the bottle in a while, but didn’t try it and soon after received CC statement with two charges for the same product 04/01-$160,41CAN and 04/26$132,09CAN.
    And… the same situation with SLIM CLEANSE from the same place $154.99 and $12664
    I did call to both and after a while of talking on the phone got back four payments of $68,35 under a condition to keep subscription on. English is my second language, so I can express my frustration properly:-) . Just got two more shipments of product. Have all bottles sealed, not sure what to do it cost way too much. Going to talk to CC company.

  8. After completing a customer satisfaction survey for what I thought was shaw cable, as a “reward” I was offered a free trial of a number of product, just for the cost of shipping, $3.95. I was interested in 2 products – Nature’s Slim and Slim Cleanse, so I signed up. Big mistake. I received the “free” bottles and thought that was it. Completely missed the claimed fine print that said unless I cancelled within 12 days I would be charged full price, and also be put on autoship!! Caught it on my credit card statement with charges of $159.43, &$164.99, and then 20 days later an additional $130.11 & $135.72 for the first auto ship. Called the customer service in Arizona to complain. After a great hassle where they kept reducing the price to induce me to continue. I managed to get the account cancelled and received a confirmation number, however, they were sorry?? but nothing could be done about product already shipped. Returning it for a refund wasn’t an option apparently. I called my credit card and they advised that I cancel the card and they would issue a new one. More hassle and a sharp lesson.

    • I had a very similar experience as you, Keith. I filled out a Shaw Cable survey and was presented with a choice of gifts for doing so. I chose 1 product, a free trial bottle of Nature’s Slim Garcinia for just the cost of shipping, $3.95. They just happened to include a bottle of Slim Cleanse with another shipping charge. Fortunately, my credit card company called me to warn me that I was probably dealing with a fraudulent company and I should read the fine print. So when the product arrived I called the companies right away to cancel any further product, and what a hassle followed. First I would have to send the trial product back after I had just paid for the shipping to get the product in the first place. If they didn’t receive the trial bottles within 25 days they would have to charge me…… similar amounts to the ones quoted by Keith above. So I cancelled my credit card, they were very helpful, it seems there’s alot of this sort of thing going around! I’m very sorry to all of you who got caught with large bills to pay.

    • Me to just got of the phone told them I will be going to the police about the charges as I have cancelled twice they say no cancellation was recorded I said all your calls are recorded better check on that I recorded this one my self and had the authority beside me
      She did not know that but then offered me a refund of 40 then 50 then 70
      Then she said for 15 dollars a month she would send me the product oh my God these people are unreal

  9. tried this promo as i came up in a survey attached to a web site . im all for trying supliments but in no way was it obvious that there was a auto reorder . if this a legit product then auto reorder should not be hidden in any way . emailed as soon as i seen charges on my visa .if you watch this site order # 462921, 462917 please cancel these .

  10. also there papers say open 24/7 for phone calls … just called they are closed ….

  11. Hi there when I ordered, it charged me for a colon cleanse which I did not agree to buy.

    • Courtney Boutilier, I was too fell into the same issue. I emailed & cancelled right away.
      they recommended that once I’ve received the bottle, I need to ship it back within 14 days with a tracking number to Arizona. slim cleanse told me they would cancel my account if Id pay them $19.99 to avoid further charges. Before making a decision, I spoke with the post lady, she said it is not guaranteed to get the bottle send back to Arizona within 14 days due to stat holiday. So I’ve decided to let them take the $19.99 from my bank. Slim cleanse confirmed by email that my account with them is now closed.
      Another shocking thing news, I was not aware that the site or product offered also belong to another company although they are from the “nature’s slim” distributor, this company (I didn’t even know their actual company name) were taking $169.99 from my bank account without my knowledge. I didn’t know that my bank information would be automatically link to their site even though I pressed the “NO, I DO NOT want to try the Colon free trial” button. I was only wanted to try the Nature’s Slim not the Colon Cleanse product. I didn’t even open the trial bottle that were sent by both companies. TD bank rep said I could not dispute the charges because once I clicked on “yes, I want to try the free trial” button I gave the company (Nature’s Slim or Slim Cleanse) permission to take money from my account. This was uncalled for. I was really upset with myself. I was foolish.
      To clarify:
      I did receive 2 trial bottles (still inside the sealed envelope) was it worth $169.99? Absolutely not! It was supposed to be a FREE TRIAL.

      • Responding to my “speak your mind”
        Correction: I only received one bottle from Nature’s Slim” not two. I have to type the actual word “one” so auto correct won’t automatically change it. With regards to my bank, I contacted and spoken with the senior bank specialist yesterday and they are helping with my account. The bank rep that I spoke with on May 20-2017 wasn’t aware that this can go further. Right now, my bank is monitoring the transaction from Nature’s Slim Garcinia Cambodia. If I didn’t get my refund in 7 days, my bank will pursue.
        The Colon Cleanse free trial that I clicked “NO, I do not want to try” is from Nature’s Slim Garcinia Cambodia not from Nature’s Slim and I did not receive any product from Nature’s Slim Garcinia Cambodia but yet was charged a large sum of money.
        If you signed up with Nature’s Slim, you will automatically signed up with the rest of the company. It took me a while to gather all the information about these companies. All are linked with one another. They confused us but using multiple company names. Be aware. I was foolish thinking “it’s free trial, it’s only $3.95 shipping cost, I got nothing to lose”. Boy, I was really wrong and foolish. To others, Don’t get fooled by FREE TRIAL words. They are not worth your anguish and headache. Keep your credit card secure. To those who are disputing with these companies I wish y’all the best of luck and please know there is light in a dark tunnel and do not give up. Keep trying. Ask questions. Seek answers.

        • After receiving the confirmation email that canceled your account, you did not receive any more charges from that company specifically, correct? Was it just the other company that charged you? And did even a third company or any other additional companies charge you? I’m asking because I received confirmation emails canceling my account from both companies, so I want to ensure those companies won’t charge my account anymore. I even canceled my card.

  12. I was lured into the trial of this product by filling a short survey. I was offered 3 choices for a reward for filling this survey and one of the reward was from Nature’s Slim. It was explicitly mentioned that i only had to pay for the shipping cost amounting to $17 USD.
    Once i received my credit card statement it showed that i owed them $356 canadian dollars!!
    I called customer service at 1-855-474-9367. The answer was prompt and polite all the way through. I readilly cancelled the renewal of the product and asked for at least a rebate as i could not cancel the whole thing. I got an $80 refund on this month charge and a next month shipment for $19.90 and a guarantee that no renewal will be charged after that last shipment.
    I still condem the selling strategy of this company but don’t really know how to fight back.

  13. I forgot to mention the survey had nothing to do with Nature’s Slim, but was bearing the name of my ISP without their banner (phishing may apply here).
    Also, while i was discussing how i could cancel these charges on my Master card, i find out that another amount was charged from that company. Now it amounts to $619 CND.
    On my request, Mastercard cancelled my card and will send me a new one in order to stop this abuse.
    Nobody can help me as by giving my credit card number, it seems Nature’s Slim could charge me anything they want as long as they also deliver the product.
    I am very disgusted by the whole thing and wonder why the consumer is not better protected against such vile methods. This is killing online marketting.

    • Now that you have canceled your card, have there been any more charges? I immediately canceled my card and called the companies and canceled both accounts but am afraid there will still be some way they will be able to charge my account even with the canceled card. Being overly cautious, I know, but please let me know.

      • Yes. They called me today (june 30, 2017) with lots of background noise, probably a very busy (with dissatisfied customers) calling center. They complain they could not give me a 20$ refund and send a new batch of pills to me ’cause my credit card declined the transaction. I told them I decline anything that came from them anymore and that their product did not give results on me.
        I hope they will leave me alone. This is my worst online nightmare. I lost 420$ CAD on this.
        Any ideas for a group recourse action? or maybe give so much bad publicity (they will start over under a new name! hugh!)…

  14. Same story sucked in by the words “FREE TRIAL” after a very noisy background telephone call and $20. $40. $80 refund offer. At this point I was really angry demanded to speak to speak to supervisor that request was denied but she will have him call me (YEAH RIGHT). Returning that cambogia crap to them registered mail.signature required with tracking number TD is going to go after them if they do not credit my account for $166.60. Lesson learned the hard way. I should write a book “Purchasing on line for Dummies). Will let you know what happens.

  15. This is the most crooked company buyer beware. I signed up for a $5 free trial, it was the cost of free shipping. Product took forever to get here, and then about a week later noticed a charge of $119CAD on my visa. They were “happy” to let me keep the product for a $40 refund, then $50, then after much hassle $80, or a full refund if I shipped the product back to them. The terms were hidden in the fine print about auto renewals etc. What a crooked company!

    • Please anyone we need to report this company we all hae the same situation marshall rose, fran that was happened to me I was so pissed off and called because i thought this was a free trial but the charged me more than 160$ CAD I called them to cancel he order but they just refunded 60$ CAD on my CC..I was so stuoid that I provided my CC information to them

  16. I was just ripped off by Nature’s Slim Garcinia company after receiving their product as part of a trial offer. They took $159.81 dollars from my credit card account on July 8, 2017 to pay for this trial offer, which is the real cost of this product. This is called false advertising and these people will rip you off as well. Instead of listing the real cost of the product, they tell you this trial offer only cost $3.85 but they forget to mention they are going to take more from you credit card. I want my money back now!!!

    • Same thing has happened to me but I haven’t even received the trial sample yet!!!! Rip off company!

      • Total scam … Beware… call your bank and credit company .. They know already… Also complain to Facebook they are advertising on them…

  17. The website listed on their paper work is not real either, support@nslimmaxgc.com is not website accessible for Canadians. The first time I called them they hung up on me and while I was complaining about their product the sales person on the other line was talking over me trying to talk me into more products. I told them to give me my money back now.

  18. I wish to opt out of this offer.

    I do not want to receive any more products from Nature’s Slim,
    and I do not want to be billed for any of the products.
    Brian Douglas

    • We do not endorse this offer, please use the contact information provided in the above review.

    • You’re smart to do that. I missed the small print that I had 21 days free trial because it cost me 159.00 and then they sent me another bottle 2 weeks later at 130.00. Same with the body cleanse to. Total rip off!

  19. I bought the free trial nature’s slim and slim cleanse as well and they didnt wven wait three weeks or more before they charged me 157.00 on top of the shipping i had to pay for the free trail and i did email the link above already but have still not heard from anyone to see if it was cancled like i requested so i guess i will be keeping a close eye on my credit card… nothing but pure scam

  20. Horrible experience with that company.

    Their trial arrived a month late, so I had written it off as a scam. A week after it arrived, my credit card was billed $117.40. I called and argued to have this reversed. They said I signed the contract (ie ticked the box that I had read the terms) so suck it up (in so many words). I argued that because their product was a month late, they had essentially broken the terms of the contract.

    Think about it, I argued. Why would I even bother to call in and cancel on a product after 21 days, when during that time that, it hadn’t even arrived? I would call a phantom company to cancel an imaginary trial that never arrived? The absurdity of that scenario had even me laughing out loud!

    After a prolonged discussion / argument with the poor, barely-English-speaking woman (who was, after all, just an employee), I eventually got a partial $40/USD refund and another 30 days to evaluate this product.

    I’m assuming I’ll get another pack of pills in the mail, given that they filled the order already and billed my credit card.

    Then, I have until next month to cancel. And (woohoo) I get a special discount if I chose to continue. Yeah right. As soon as that partial refund hits my credit card, I’m cancelling.

    My experience with the company was horrible, their ethics are questionable. I don’t even know what their product is like, but I do feel for the front-line staff. I sure hope they get paid well!

    • As an update:

      I persisted through email. I got a $40 reimbursement. Then I got a $50 reimbursement. Then I found out they had billed me another $153. Then they sent me a second box of pills. I told them to stop, and after about 8 emails of insisting that they reimburse me. They ignored me, continually. I called, attempted to Press 1 and leave a call back number, that never worked (you press 1 and the phone hangs up). When I did get through to a person, they claimed they couldn’t hear me. I used that same phone to cancel my credit card. They heard me just fine.

      Just today, I received an email that the final amount of money would be reimbursed. As an exception!

      My advice would be to persist and persist and persist

      What a horrible horrible nasty organization!

      I wish I had done my research first. AVOID THESE GUYS LIKE THE PLAGUE! There has got to be something illegal about hiding the ticket price in the small print, like they are currently doing.

  21. about 8 minutes ago I order this trail from a popup paid postage when completed CC and confrimed another product pop up if want was in a dotted outline did not want next thing it was on my CC also managed to get that page back found almost hidden the rab to bypass the second offer to let you know will be reporting this type of ad just aheads up so you can fix this before hand

  22. I did not order any pills from you guys so don’t take any money out of my account I can’t afford no 150,04 so stop order on the 7 or any other time

  23. I ordered Nature slim’..Initially they took 4.99$ After 10 days without my knowledge they took 154$ .i was so shocking.pls anyone guide how to get the refund money.i didn’t open the bottle.t


  25. I ordered one ‘trial’ and was sent two. I was suspicious about it from receiving and have not opened the product at all and have now been charged over $150×2 on my CC which I never authorized. I am contacting my CC company to report this and get refunded. Ridiculous!

  26. I too was scammed as I have no ability to spot the signs of an obvious scam. the discount blew my pea sized mind and it was about to sell out so i HAD to act on it and order the free trial

  27. everyone, this is a total scam! even calling the numbers, you have fake people giving out fake confirmation cancellation numbers! you have to call your bank and have your credit card cancelled!! The names they give you, the numbers (cancellation confirmation) are all fake. the only way to get this stopped is to have your credit cards cancelled. I too was taken in by all this, the first thing that alarmed me was on my visa statement(online banking) I saw the charges for currency exchange, and it was supposed to be Canadian!! also, there were 3 other charges for things I didn’t order. that in itself isn’t to bad, but, to read here on this site, about all the extra charges coming down the pike are fraud! as soon as I called my credit card people, I didn’t even finish my sentence, and they knew exactly what I was dealing with! they get the scam calls from credit card holders all the time! I was lucky, I caught it while the purchase was “pending” and they cancelled my card immediately. like I said, I was lucky, others are not! don’t try calling, or emailing them, call your credit card company and cancel your card! its the ONLY solution to this scam!!! the credit card people told us, if you are not familiar with the site, or haven’t purchased before, read ALL THE REVIEWS on the product first!! do some research, if I had read this site first, I wouldn’t have had to cancel my card! #buyerbeware

  28. like wtf!!!! I was told its free sample I had to pay only shipping, but now I saw Im charged 158$ and 153$ thjs is a totally scam. fuking piece of shit ppl. they are robbing ppl openly. this has to end….

  29. I ordered the above product taking full advantage of trial offer where I only had to pay the shipping costs. That was over 3wks ago. I was told upon check out that my order was scheduled to arrive December 17, 2017. My credit card was charged the shipping fee but I still have not received the product to date.


  31. I wish I had read all this like an hour ago before I ordered those pills!! thank God I used a prepaid Visa to pay for the 2x $3.95. Just before finalizing the order, they shoved the cleanse thing at me but there wasn’t any yes or no button to choose from. All it had was a “done” button then had the shipping prices of these “free trials” they took off the prepaid Visa. I’m going to call them day after tomorrow and cancel that order!

  32. Thanks so much for this site! I ordered the free trial Dec 11 but was skipped to a page for a similar offer for “Slim Cleanse” which turns out to be a separate company! I could find no way off the page and with one experimental click on the picture a second order was completed. First the ad showed a Canadian flag but only later you find out the price is in US$ (a 33% increase). I immediately called the second number for the Slim Cleanse and told there is no way to cancel my order. Only then was I told I would have to call back after receiving the product but by January 1, (and by January 4). The Slim Cleanse arrived and I called to cancel but met lots of resistance. Finally I was told I would have to return the product or pay for it. This happened with both companies. The Nature’s Slim only arrived January 8, well after the deadline but I had called them also on the 4th and they agreed to extend the deadline and I cancelled that today the 9th. I insisted no way will I return anything or pay anything more and in each case they finally agreed to cancel and gave me a cancellation number. You have to get really angry with them and insist to speak to a supervisor who only can give permission to cancel without further costs. I am expecting to see no more charges on my credit card. I was prepared to really verbally abuse the contact but fortunately saying “you have GOT to be kidding” and “no, no, no, I refuse to pay anything more” over and over, and finally “I want to speak to your manager” was sufficient.
    The ad appeared on Facebook and I complained to them also but have had no reply.
    I have previously had a good experience with free trials from Purity Products and have continued to use one of their products at reasonable prices but this experience with free trials has scared me off forever.
    It was because of this site that I was really prepared to stand up to their nonsense (too polite a word to use with them). Many thanks

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