How can NEET help with weight loss?

How can NEET help with weight loss?

Although exercise is important for weight loss there is often not enough hours in the day to burn a significant amount of calories to lose weight, which is where NEET comes in.

NEET stands for Non Exercise Energy Thermogenesis, which basically means an activity that burns calories that does not involve exercise.

Of course NEET cannot replace exercise increasing the amount of activities you undertake each day will increase your chances of reaching your weight loss goals.

Here are a few examples you can use to increase your NEET activities:

NEET activity #1 – Watch TV on a Swiss ball

Instead of sitting in front of the TV filling your stomach with unhealthy snacks, try sitting on a Swiss ball instead.

Doing so will help engage your core, resulting in stronger abdominal muscles, while strengthening your back.

Sitting on a Swiss ball could help burn as many as 165 calories in just one hour.

NEET activity #2 – Dance while doing housework

It is unsurprising that dancing will burn calories, so if you have housework like the ironing, the dishes or hoovering to do why not put some headphones on and dance to your favourite songs.

Cleaning for weight lossJust 35 minutes of dancing can burn as much as 200 calories, which is the same amount burnt if you exercise on a cross trainer for a similar time.

NEET activity #3 – Sing

Singing can actually burn calories so you should sing while doing your chores.

This tip can be used with the dancing too, and will certainly help keep your mind occupied while performing those boring household chores.

As many as 126 calories can be burnt per hour just by singing.

NEET activity #4 – Have some sex

Men can burn as many as 104 calories for every 25 minutes having sex, while women can burn 69.

Of course the more adventurous you are the more calories you are going to be burning.

NEET activity #5 – Walk whilst on the phone

If you work in an office and tend to answer the phone a lot why not try walking round the office while on those calls.

If you sit at your desk all day you are not going to be burning much more than 15 calories. However by simply getting up and moving around you will be able to burn around 100-130 calories.

Although this is a small amount it will mount up over the days, weeks and months.

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