Can Nestlé’s new exercise in a bottle aid weight loss?

Can Nestlé’s new exercise in a bottle aid weight loss?

Nestlé is a brand more famous for bringing us products such as the Kit Kat and Nespresso, which are certainly not the healthiest. However, they believe that their latest product will help with your weight loss efforts.

Their hope is that their latest product will act as exercise in a bottle that will be able to recreate the effects of a workout without the actual exertion.

What is the reason behind this product?

With almost 80 million people in the United States alone considered clinically obese there is little wonder that there is demand for such a product.

Those who are obese are at a higher risk of developing potentially life threatening conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke so anything that will help reduce these risks has got to be a good thing.

Nestlé diabetes and circadian rhythm scientist Kei Sakamoto had this to say:

“Instead of 20 minutes of jogging or 40 minutes of cycling, it may help boost metabolism with moderate exercise like brisk walking. They’d get similar effects with less strain.”

How does this product work?

A team of scientists at Nestlé’s Geneva HQ have managed to identify an enzyme known as AMPK that can help regulate your metabolic rate when stimulated by a compound called C13.

These scientists looked at this enzyme to see what helped to control it as a molecular level.

“AMPK is a key protein in every single cell in your body and is naturally activated by exercise.”

“It monitors your energy status, like a fuel gauge in a car, and tells you to fill up when your energy is low.”

It was discovered that AMPK is used by the body for key physiological processes, such as muscle and even brain function.

“Our research has revealed new knowledge about this master switch.”

“In some conditions, such as diabetes, the body doesn’t respond properly to insulin and muscle cells reject the message about their need to take up glucose.”

“’However, even under such medical conditions, AMPK can find an alternative way and take up glucose in muscle.”

Can this product replace exercise?

While initially promising even the scientists who discovered this key enzyme doubt that any product will replace the benefits experienced through actual exercise.

“Exercise has so many different effects — a cognitive role and physiological function — we’ll never be able to mimic all those effects in a single product.”

So despite the plans to put this enzyme into all of their products as a food additive, it will never be as beneficial as exercise itself.

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