New Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

New Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

Bariatric Arterial Embolisation or BAE for short is a new non-surgical weight loss treatment that has been found to help severely obese people to reduce their appetite and lose weight.

Research has found that this treatment could offer those who are obese a safe alternative to weight loss surgery. So, how does BAE work?

What is BAE?

Ghrelin is a hormone produced by your body, which is what causes those hunger cravings to occur.

BAE aims to help cut the levels of ghrelin production by using image guidance and catheters to access the specific blood vessels to the portion of the stomach that produces this hormone.

Once a small nick in the skin at either the groin has been made, the physician is then able to inject microscopic beads to decrease blood flow to the fundus portion of the stomach, which will therefore suppress those hunger cravings that in turn will result in weight loss occurring.

What kind of results could you expect with BAE?

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the USA found 7 obese, but otherwise healthy adults to perform the treatment on.

After the treatment the participants were tracked over a 6 month period, with their weight loss, ghrelin levels, hunger and satiety assessment, quality-of-life (using surveys) and blood pressure all checked at the 1 month, 3 month and 6 month stage.

Each of the participants lost weight with dramatic reductions in hunger being noticed.

The researchers also noted that ghrelin levels were down, while the quality-of-life scores had improved.

In the first month the participants had lost an average of 5.9% of their body weight, while at the 6 month mark the participants had lost an average of 13.3%.

Clifford Weiss from Johns Hopkins University had this to say about the results experienced:

“These early results demonstrate that BAE appears to be effective in helping patients lose a significant amount of weight in the short and intermediate term.”

As obesity levels are on the rise, this type of weight loss treatment gives hope to those who are currently obese but are looking to lose weight without the dangers associated with surgery.

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