7 Tips for a New Year Cleanse

7 Tips for a New Year Cleanse

After the Christmas and New Year festivities have died down you might have come to the realisation that you have probably overdone it a bit with the alcohol and junk food.

No doubt over the past week you have certainly gained a few extra pounds due to the sheer number of calories you have consumed.

No wonder one of the most popular New Year resolutions is to lose weight.

Well, a good start to your weight loss regime would be a cleanse, which will give you an immediate kick-start to your new healthier lifestyle choices.

This cleanse will help purge you of those toxins and cravings for sugar that you have no doubt developed thanks to the festivities.

Here are 7 tips to help you achieve a successful New Year Cleanse:

#1: Cut out those processed foods

One of the biggest issues with processed foods are that they often contain hidden sugar, which is something we are trying to avoid during this cleanse.

If you were just dieting then I would suggest taking the time to read the labels to choose the ones with less sugar content. However, since this is a cleanse designed to cut sugar completely I recommend not buying any processed foods at all for a period of 2 weeks.

During this timeframe I would suggest that you choose fresh, natural foods instead.

After the cleanse you should start to reintroduce a couple, but you must make sure to read the labels and choose the healthier options, and always eat these sort of food type in moderation.

#2: Stop adding sugar

When we drink tea or coffee most of us will add sugar, well during the cleanse we need to avoid this.

Also those condiments such as tomato ketchup should also be avoided as this too is full of added sugar.

#3: Only eat when hungry

Over the past week or so you have no doubt been picking at chocolate and the various other goodies you have been surrounded by.

Now, that Christmas and New Year is over it is time to cut this out.

You shouldn’t really be grazing throughout the day, you should really only eat when you are hungry.

#4: Eat more fruit and vegetables

This is a good general weight loss tip that can apply throughout the year, not just for the cleanse.

Eat more fruits and vegetablesThe fruit has natural sugars so can help with your sweet tooth and any cravings you experience, while the vegetables are great for filling you up without ruining your diet as they contain very few calories.

#5: Get some exercise

You could think of the New Year as a chance for a new you. So if you usually come home from work and crash out in front of the TV then perhaps now is the time to start a new exercise regime.

You don’t even have to join the gym if you don’t want to (or can afford to) you can get a good workout in the comfort of your own home, or if you prefer you could go get some air outside by going for a 20 minute walk or bike ride.

Whatever you choose exercise will help to burn off calories and help produce happy hormones that will replace those sugar cravings.

#6: Don’t cut out fat

One mistake people make after they have overindulged is to completely cut out fat from their diets.

While overindulging in certain bad fats should be avoided, your body still needs to consume fat to function properly.

Without fat your brain does not function as well as it should so make sure you get enough into your diet.

#7: Let go of your mistakes

I know at this moment in time you may be regretting some of your choices over the past holiday season but it is no good wallowing in self-pity.

Now is the time to act. If you want to change then you need to do it, the time is now.

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