Lose Weight even though you have No Time

Lose Weight even though you have No Time

If you lead a busy life then you may think that you have no time to spend trying to lose weight and living healthily.

Well, although it maybe difficult there are certainly ways that you can start looking after yourself a little better, even if your time is sparse.

#1: Change your attitude

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym every day to lose weight, nor do you need to eat healthily at every meal.

Once you change your mind set you will find that making even the smallest healthier changes can have a big effect on your waistline.

#2: Eat smaller portions

An easy way to lose weight is simply to start eating less.

Even if you don’t change what you are eating, if you eat less of it then you are going to experience weight loss.

Just make sure you are consuming enough daily calories to maintain good health. For most that means consuming at least 1,500 calories daily.

#3: Stop skipping meals

Skipping meals can lead to a slower metabolic rate, which means that fewer calories are burnt, resulting in more fat being created.

When you go without food for an extended period of time your insulin and hormone levels will also be affected, which can lead to you making unwise food choices when you do finally sit down to eat.

SlimmingTo avoid these negative effects it is recommended that you eat more often. Although this means that you should eat less each mealtime, just spread your daily calorie allowance over the course of 5-6 meals instead of 2-3.

#4: Try to move more

If you do not have enough time spare each day to spend in the gym, then you will need to incorporate some exercise into your day.

Just a few minutes daily could make a big difference.

You can even increase your energy expenditure just by making a few simple changes. For example you could use the stairs instead of escalators, or walk to the shop instead of taking the car.

#5: Food swaps

An easy way to cut calories and to lose weight is by making a few food swaps.

For instance you could leave the cheese off your food, or buy lower fat alternatives. Just make sure to check the labels of these foods as often the seemingly healthier version is not the best option.

I would recommend you look at what you are drinking too. As those caffeinated soft drinks will certainly add extra unnecessary calories to your daily limit.

This may sound boring but water is the best option available to you.

#6: Stop sitting around

If you sit around all day you are unfortunately more at risk of becoming overweight, which will put you at risk of developing numerous health conditions.

Let me tell you, just because you may have a sedentary job does not mean you need to sit at your desk all day.

There are probably plenty of jobs you could do while you stand near your desk.

Think to yourself when can you get up? What if you got up off your bottom each time you are on the phone for example? While you may not be burning too many extra calories, but every calorie you do burn wont be going around your waist.

#7: Get plenty of sleep

If you are not getting a minimum of 7 hours sleep every night then you are you not giving yourself the best chance of achieving your weight loss goals.

A lack of sleep can leave you lacking in energy, which will make working out almost impossible.

When you are tired your cravings for sugary and fatty foods will also be raised.

#8: Use your weekends

If you lead a busy working life during the week, hopefully you will have the weekend off, which will give you opportunity to work on your weight loss goals.

This is the perfect time to do some exercise, which you can even do with your family as you can do something energetic with them.

#9: Be active with friends and family

When you spend time with family and friends try to do something energetic to give you that much more chance of reaching your goal.

Just playing with your children can help burn off some of those calories.

#10: Try HIIT

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training will give you a great workout in a short space of time, making ideal for those who lead busy lives.

ExerciseRather than spending an hour in the gym you could complete a HIIT routine in just 10 minutes, yet will burn a similar number of calories.

#11: Use a home gym

Paying for a gym membership can be expensive, and if you lead a busy life you may not be able to go as often as you like.

If this sounds like you then perhaps you could use the money you are spending ‘not’ going to the gym on your own home gym.

You can buy whatever equipment you would like or perhaps just use a home workout DVD or an online workout to start burning calories.

Doing this will not only save your money, but your time too as you wont have to travel to the gym either.

#12: Use a fitness tracker

An easy way to find out whether you are doing enough to lose weight would be by using a fitness tracker.

There are plenty available, with most able to track not only what you are eating and drinking, but also your activity levels too.

Using one of these will help give you insights into what you are doing correctly and incorrectly.

#13: Use social media

Like most people nowadays you spend quite a bit of time on social media scrolling through other peoples lives.

Well, you can use social media to your advantage as there are numerous support groups online that will be able to help give you support and advice on how to reach your goal weight.

#14: Eat more fibre

This tip is another that wont use up any more of your precious time.

If you eat at least 30 grams of fibre daily you will lose weight. This is because it helps to fill you up without the calories, while also ensuring your bowel movements become more regular.

#15: Watch your stress levels

Too much stress can have a negative effect on your waistline.

This is because excess stress can cause your body to produce excess cortisol, which will lead to increased food cravings.

If you suffer from stress then you need to figure out a way to relieve it. Even if it is just a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

#16: What are your priorities?

At the moment you might say to yourself that you haven’t got time to lose weight, but I must tell you that your health is more important.

You may have a job that takes up a lot of your time, but if it is causing you to gain weight then you are increasing your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and an early death. Would it be worth it then?

Start taking care of yourself now, before it is too late.

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