5 Non-Diet Factors that Cause Weight Gain

5 Non-Diet Factors that Cause Weight Gain

Weight loss is not always as simple as calories in versus calories out, there are often times when other factors come into play.

Here are 5 other non-diet factors that could be causing you to gain weight:

#1: Artificial sweeteners

A recent study at the Georgia State University has discovered that the artificial sweeteners that you find in many of our processed foods could cause problems such as glucose intolerance and obesity.

They discovered that mice that were genetically prone to inflammatory gut diseases were more prone to outbreaks.

The researchers also believe that these sweeteners can also affect your gut bacteria, with inflammation becoming an issue, which can result in a negative change in your metabolic rate.

My suggestion would be to take the time to read the product labels of any food you are thinking of purchasing, and to avoid those with any artificial sweeteners.

#2: Shift work

In a study at the University of Colorado it was shown that people who work the night shift burn less calories than those who work 9-5.

Shift work throws off your circadian rhythm that can cause your metabolism to slow, meaning your normal diet that wouldn’t normally cause weight gain to start piling on the pounds.

If you tend to work shifts then my suggestion would be to start eating foods that can boost satiety (appetite) and your metabolism. Fresh fruit, vegetables along with water are good options.

#3: Fat shaming

If you are overweight you wont want to hear people criticising you.

A study at the University College London has suggested that those who suffer fat shaming gained weight over a 4 year period, while those who didn’t lost weight.

While it would be nice for family and friends to be supportive, this is not always the case. Therefore you will need to develop techniques to improve your own mindset.

Meditation is just one method you could try as it can help to reduce stress, the hormones that cause hunger and in turn prevent further weight gain.

#4: Environmental chemicals

These maybe hard to avoid as these environmental chemicals are in lots of our everyday items. Unfortunately the can cause both metabolic and liver problems that can lead to insulin resistance.

If possible try to limit your exposure to synthetic substances, perhaps you could try buying more natural alternatives; there are alternatives available for many of the most popular shopping items.

#5: Genetics

It is unfortunate that we may have some of our parents bad genes, which could mean we are more at risk of developing certain issues that can cause weight gain.

However, just because your genes are saying your are more prone does not mean that there is nothing you can do to stop it.

There are numerous ways you can go about improving your chances of losing weight, don’t let your genes become just another excuse.

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