9 Non Expert Weight Loss Tips

9 Non Expert Weight Loss Tips

Attempting to lose weight can be a confusing affair as you will no doubt be given numerous tips and options from numerous ‘experts’ on how to reach your weight loss goals in the most effective fashion.

Unfortunately this will only lead to confusion, which may leave you feeling as though you will never reach your goal.

Fear not though as below you will find 10 simple non expert weight loss tips that are not confusing in the slightest, but are also shown to be effective too.

#1: Eat sugar in moderation

Rather than cutting sugar from your diet completely, which is almost impossible anyway. Instead simply try to limit your intake.

This means having to check the labels of certain foods to see if there are any hidden sugars present.

You should also try to limit the sugar you add to your own meals and drinks too.

#2: Its fine to be human

Of course we would all love to be able to lose weight every week and to be able to stick to your diet religiously with no issues.

Unfortunately this is hardly ever the case and there will be inevitable slip ups along the way.

The trick is to not let these slip ups get you down and cause you to quit. If you do let the smallest issue get you down then you will never reach your weight loss goals.

What you need to do is get over any issue you encounter and try to learn from it so that you do not make the same mistake again.

#3: Have a better relationship with your food

We all need to eat, yet when we are trying to lose weight you may be tempted to skip meals, which will certainly not be the most effective method of weight loss you can use.

Rather than skipping meals choose to eat healthier and you will soon see the results.

#4: Stop counting calories

If you think that counting calories is a good way to lose weight then you are probably wrong. While some will find this method effective there will be others who will become obsessed with the numbers yet fail to take any notice of where these calories are coming from.

There are certain ‘low calorie’ foods that are high in fat and other nasties that are best avoided.

Would it not be better to ignore your daily calorie intake and focus on eating healthy whole foods; for example fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.

#5: Eat fibre, drink water and sleep

Fibre is good for weight loss as it helps to fill you up and keep you feeling full. It can also help regulate your bowel movements.

Water is also essential and should replace your usual drinks. It contains zero calories, can curb cravings and flush toxins.

Finally, getting a good nights sleep will ensure you suffer fewer food cravings the following day.

#6: Eat more wholemeal

Processed grains have lost most of their nutrients and is quickly burnt by your body resulting in an initial blood sugar spike that will inevitably fall resulting in further food cravings.

Weight Loss SuccessWholemeal on the other hand is less processed so has more nutrients available.

#7: Exercise whenever possible

Our modern day lifestyles are often hectic so planning exercise can be difficult, which means that it is often neglected.

If you lead a busy life then whenever you find yourself with a spare few minutes make the most of the time by either working out or doing an activity that will burn off those excess calories.

Even a short walk every day will be better than doing nothing at all.

#8: Ignore ‘fitspo’ fitness photos

We all have different bodies and some of these images are simply unattainable for the average person.

Some of it is down to dedication, while genetics will also play a part. You will often find that some of these images have been photoshopped and are not a true representation of the person being photographed.

Rather than comparing your own body to others, you need to focus purely on yourself and how you feel in your own skin. After all you should be going through this journey for yourself and no one else.

#9: Find out what works for you

As mentioned above we are all different so one weight loss plan may work for others but wont work for you.

You may need to try various approaches before you find a plan that works for you, yet wont it be worth it once you start seeing the results.

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