It’s not too late for Summer Weight Loss

It’s not too late for Summer Weight Loss

While the summer holidays are almost over it is certainly not too late for summer weight loss.

Perhaps you have made a late-minute holiday booking, or perhaps have just got back from an all-inclusive that you have over-indulged in. There is certainly no reason why you cannot lose a few of those excess pounds.

Read on and discover a few tips that will really work.

#1: Knock off those distractions

If you tend to eat with your phone at hand, or in front of the TV then chances are you will tend to overeat.

The reason for this is that you are not paying attention to what you are eating, so are not even realising that you are overeating.

By knocking off these distractions and by focussing on the food in front of you, you will eat less.

#2: Watch what you drink

While you may watch the calories you eat many of us wont pay as much attention to the calories consumed through our drink choices.

Soft drinks are one of the biggest culprits, but even fruit juices are surprisingly high in calories.

If you want to lose weight then I would suggest that you start drinking more water. It is free of calories and can help curb your appetite.

#3: Get plenty of sleep

ClockThose who do not get enough sleep, at least 7 hours per night, have been found to suffer more food cravings than those who get a good nights sleep.

The reason for this is that the lack of sleep affects the hormones that control these cravings.

Knock your phone off, or leave it in another room to avoid any distractions during the night for a good uninterrupted sleep.

#4: Eat spicy food

Spicy foods such as chilli peppers contain a compound called capsaicin that has been found to cause an increase in your metabolism.

As we all know, an increased metabolism will result in more calories burnt than normal.

This metabolism boost is caused by the capsaicin making your internal body temperature increase.

#5: Plan ahead of time

If you lead a busy life then it can sometimes be difficult to both eat as healthily as possible and to get enough exercise, with both essential for weight loss and good health.

By planning ahead and sometime preparing ahead of time you can avoid these issues.

For example you could pre-prepare your own healthy meals to warm up when you do not have opportunity to prepare a healthy meal from scratch.

#6: Avoid “diet” foods

You maybe tempted to try the various “diet” foods that are constantly being advertised.

Yet these foods may not be as healthy for you as they appear. Many are low in fat, but are instead filled with sugars or sweeteners.

I would always recommend you check the label of any food you buy. The findings may surprise you.

#7: Stay motivated

Once you have made the decision to change you cannot go changing your mind at the first hurdle you come across.

Losing weight is certainly not easy, but if you remain motivated throughout and try the above tips then you will surely start seeing the reward for your hard work.

Giving up certainly wont get you anywhere.



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