Are the obese malnourished?

Are the obese malnourished?

A recent study has shown that even though there are incredibly high numbers of obese in the USA, many of them are malnourished.

While, surprising when you look at the facts a little closer these results are a little less surprising.

For example while diets including pizza, fries, pasta, rice, biscuits and cakes may contain a lot of calories, its actual nutrient value is low.

For example you will find that only 11% of people eat the recommended daily amount of fibre, with only 5% getting enough protein.

There are also a large majority who do not get enough vitamin A, C, D, calcium and iron into their bodies from their diet.

What is the risk?

Along with the increased risk of health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease associated with obesity, malnutrition can lead to the following issues:

  • Tired/weak muscles
  • The feeling of tiredness all the time
  • Unhappiness/depression
  • A raised risk of illness and infection

Of course each of these issues can also increase the risk of weight gain, so you should take steps to break this cycle by eating better foods.

What can be done?

By fuelling our bodies correctly we will be able to reduce our risk of illness and potentially treat any existing problems, as a bonus eating healthily should result in weight loss.

Here are some ways that healthy food can benefit you:

#1: Improved heart health

To improve your heart health and to reduce the risk of heart disease it is recommended that you eat a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

You should also eat plenty of fatty fish such as salmon or tuna.

#2: Reduced risk of diabetes

It is recommended that in order to reduce the risk of diabetes you start eating more whole fruits, particularly blueberries, grapes and apples.

#3: Less risk of mental health

By increasing the amount of omega-3 fatty acids you consume you will lower your risk of suffering from any mental health issues.

You can find omega-3 fatty acids in fish and nuts.

#4: Lower risk of stroke

It is recommended that in order to lower your risk of stroke that you try to eat a more mediterranean diet.

This means more plant based foods, with very little red meat.

#5: Lower risk of developing cancer

By increasing your fibre intake you will lower your risk of developing bowel cancer.

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