Optic Garcinia Trial Offer Review – Is it recommended?

Optic Garcinia Trial Offer Review – Is it recommended?

Using Optic Garcinia is said to help you “burn fat fast without diet or exercise”, the following review will look to see how accurate this claim is.

We will look at the ingredients that have been used, whether they are up to scratch and also whether there are any hidden charges involved with this trial offer.

Please read on to discover the truth before rushing to sign up for this offer.

Claims made by Optic Garcinia

Apart from being able to burn fat without diet and exercise, Optic Garcinia also claims to:

  • Stop fat from being stored
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Boost serotonin levels – increase energy and mood

To check how accurate these claims are we will need to look to see what ingredients have been used.

You should never try a product unless you know what it contains. Not only to ensure it is as effective as claimed, but also to ensure it is safe to use too.

Ingredients found in Optic Garcinia

It is not a surprise to learn that the main ingredient used is Garcinia Cambogia, after-all the product name gives away this fact.

Now when you look at Garcinia Cambogia supplements it is important that you know what percentage HCA is present.

Preferably 50% or over should be used, so it is good news to see that 60% is present in this formula.

What is less impressive though is the lack of label showing not only the dosage, but whether any other ingredients have been used.

A label is important to check whether any filler ingredients that could lessen the benefits, or potentially cause side effects are present.

True cost of the Optic Garcinia trial offer

Optic Garcinia is available for trial, but if you believe this to be a free trial you are going to be disappointed.

First there is a $8.93 charge to pay when you first sign up to this offer, then a second charge of $127.77 at the end of the 14 day trial.

This trial leads onto an auto-ship program, so failure to cancel the trial will lead to further monthly deliveries and charges.

To read about these hidden charges you should read the terms and conditions of the trial, which are located at the very bottom of the Optic Garcinia website.

Is Optic Garcinia a scam?

The HCA percentage is good, but there is a lack of ingredient information available making me doubt the claimed benefits.

The main issue with Optic Garcinia is the price, this product is very expensive and those who sign up without reading the T&Cs will likely be in for a shock at just how much this trial actually costs.

I would suggest you look for an alternative if you are looking for a product to boost your own weight loss efforts.

Contact details for Optic Garcinia

There are numerous phone numbers available on the Optic Garcinia website, a few select ones are listed below:

UK: +44 808 168 3669
Ireland: +353-766060861
USA & Canada: 1-855-256-2876

Their email address is: support@opticgarcinia.com

If you have signed up to this offer we would love to hear from you. Please leave your own review below.

Alternative Garcinia Cambogia offer

Garcinia PureOur suggested alternative is Garcinia Pure, which is a product sold online without a trial by Evolution Slimming.

This product contains the recommended 60% HCA, as well as 1,000 mg in each serving.

What this means is that the full benefits of Garcinia Cambogia will be experienced by those who use this product, these include:

  • Reduced body fat
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Weight reduction
  • Lower cholesterol levels

As there is no trial option you wont need to worry about hidden charges or auto-shipping as there are neither.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure



16 comments on "Optic Garcinia Trial Offer Review – Is it recommended?"
  1. On 10 May 2017 I have ordered Optic Garcinia & Optic Cleanse online paying with my credit card and it showed on the advert a cost of R99 [I am in South Africa and completed that on the form were it asked from where you want to order] Since then i have received e-mails to say that it was shipped to me, but until today on the 13/06/2017 I have not yet received any product – also it was such a shock to me when I saw the amounts which was debited on my credit card and ABOVE that, it has been debited for a 2nd month – i did not apply or request extra orders [like monthly orders] and still i have not received my 1st order of May to even have a trial use or send it back in 30 days!!!
    Now I really do not want this product anymore and I want to cancel it please!!!!!

  2. I ordered the free trial offer – order no: #505472987 on 06/05/2017. I am in South Africa. Havent heard from you at all. My bank ard details have also been used to make further withdrawals for which i have no record!!! For someone whose husband had a stroke and money is very scarce!!! I cannot afford to lose money like this!!! I dont even know what the withdrawals were for!!!!! AND I STILL HAVENT recived the free trial pills yet anyway!!!!!
    I am disgusted!!!! I have had to cancel my bank card!!!

    • The above is a review. I would suggest contacting your bank if you have had no luck with the contact details provided.

      • I experienced exactly the same as Mignon Jonker and Mignon Jonker. Different dates of course…

        Jac Jenkins’s response “The above is a review. I would suggest contacting your bank if you have had no luck with the contact details provided.” is totally ridiculous! The telephone number given for South Africa does not exist!

        My advise: Contact your bank and cancel your credit card as soon as possible.

        There are too many scams circulating. I would like to see if my comment will be posted.

        • These were the contact details taken from their website when the review was written. I have no control over this. As stated the above is a review only.

          I would suggest speaking to your bank if you have no luck contacting them. Your bank will likely know what is the best course of action to take.

  3. 3/8/2017. I have just recieve my trial bottle of OPTIC GARCINIA. I no longer want this product and wish to cancel the account permanently. I have called 4 numbers but no reply,one telling me it is no longer in service. I have also tried the support email address,still no luck.Please tell me what else i can do to contact this company,i do not want any more costs taken from my bank account. please help me ASAP. Angela

    • This page is a review, we do not endorse this offer. I would suggest speaking to your bank if you are not having any luck getting on contact with the company themselves.

  4. My son is in the Federal Police, did not want to involve him. I will report the scam to him if i can not resolve the problem myself. Angela

  5. Also from South Africa. For sure a scam. Cant get hold of them to cancel. Emails come back all the time.

  6. I am so fucking mad money get deducted from my account that I didn’t agreed to I have paid the R100 as per websit now every second week R1500’gets deducted. I did not receive any thing. I don’t want you stuff keep it I want my R3000 back in my account it is medical aid money but why would you care. I will put all this on.Hello Peter if I don’t get my money back. I think the way you are doing business is wrong we can’t even us the support email address because it doesn’t work. I want my money back. I will never buy you product againShipment Notification #505697653. Angry Mrs Sonette Noeth

    • We do not endorse trial offers. This page is a review warning of their practices.

      • O you tell us to sort it out with our banks and it’s not your problem. We have tried the bank they say we need to contact these people we can’t the email the send with the support email address does not work so now our banks need to trace them they keep on steal our money and it’s fine what kind of people are you guys some of us needs to life on a budget so if we see a special offer we try that. and then you guys over there come and rip us off is that fair. If this happens to you how will you feel. I need a email that I can contact these people I don’t want any off your stuff and will never ever support any of you again and I if you can’t help me I will take it further Stealing stay stealing and I will make sure every web site of yours people will no what is going on I will post the whole email on site with the emails after they take your money that the email doesn’t work that I will promise you today
        I need this sort asap.

        • Like I have said we have nothing to do with this offer. Please read the above review and you will clearly see that we do not endorse it.

          The contact details I have provided were taken from their website at the time of writing the review, so if they are incorrect there is very little I can do.

          As for your bank not being able to help, I am not sure what I can do about that either.

  7. The email adress still.doen’t work. I want my money back I am.very serious and mad. I don’t want you stuffany more. I just wants my money thanks a lot

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