What are the Other Health Benefits of Exercise?

What are the Other Health Benefits of Exercise?

We all know that exercise alongside a healthy diet is a good approach to take if you are looking to lose a few pounds, yet this is not the only benefit that can be experienced through exercise.

Read on to discover the other health benefits of exercise, and why you should perform it as often as you possibly can.

#1: Brain health

Regular exercise can help to stimulate both your neural and mental development, even in those brains that are ageing.

Studies have shown that exercise can help increase grey matter and sharpen motor skills. This same study concluded an improvement in the memory centre of the brain too.

#2: Treatment for depression

Exercise can help to release feel-good endorphins into your blood, which can help to improve your mood.

This can also act like an anti-depressant, which can be an effective treatment for depression.

#3: Better sleep

If you are finding sleep difficult to come by at night perhaps an evening workout would help.

Exercise has been shown to help those with sleep issues.

#4: Increased energy

You may think that exercise will leave you feeling even more tired, but research has found the opposite to be true.

Regular exercise can actually increase energy levels and help fight fatigue.

#5: Fight stress

If you suffer from stress then exercise can help to relieve it.

#6: Better sex

Health Benefits ExerciseYour better mood and reduced stress from exercise can help to improve your sex drive, while the better endurance levels will help you to last longer and be more energetic in the bedroom.

#7: Improved heart health

Regular exercise can improve your heart health, resulting in lower blood pressure and better blood flow.

This better circulation can also help to flush out toxins from within your body too.

There is less chance of suffering a heart attack too, as your cholesterol levels will also be reduced.

#8: Better skin

Another benefit of these ‘flushed’ toxins is improved skin, which may even help to clear both acne and eczema.

#9: Immune system boost

If you find that you always seem to be run down, or are catching colds seemingly every week then you need to think about doing a little more exercise.

Research has shown that exercise can help to give your immune system a much-needed boost.

#10: Longer life

If you want to live longer then you may want to start weight lifting, research has shown a link between this and a longer life.

#11: Stronger bones

Regular exercise can maintain your bone density, which can help to prevent problems such as osteoporosis.

#12: Experience less pain

To increase your pain tolerance you should do more aerobic exercise. A 2014 study has proven as much.

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