How to overcome a weight loss set back

How to overcome a weight loss set back

According to research as many as three quarters of all dieters will quit their efforts within a month, even if they have seen success, but why is this?

Surely if what you are doing is seeing results then would it not be best to continue?

Obviously the first sign of trouble is too much for most people. However, with the following tips perhaps you will be able to push past any weight loss set backs and finally reach your weight loss goal.

Tip #1: Remember how far you have come

If you have an old photo to hand, take a look to see what you previously looked like, and why you decided to lose weight in the first place.

Tip #2: Talk to someone who motivates you

Getting your motivation back could be as easy to achieve as talking to someone who motivates you.

If they have gone through the same journey, perhaps they would be able to offer you some tips how they were able to overcome the obstacles they faced.

Tip #3: Forgive any mistakes you make

We all make mistakes, but if we dwell on them then it can ruin your chances of successfully losing weight.

If you make a mistake, of course you should learn from it and try not to fall for the same mistake the next time, but you must move on.

Tip #4: Do something you love

If you feel down then you are unlikely to want to exercise or eat healthily. No doubt you would rather do nothing while picking at some junk food.

To cheer you up do something that you love to do, perhaps read a book, or play with your pet for example.

Tip #5: Move more

When you exercise your body releases feel-good hormones that will instantly perk you up.

For those of us who tend to comfort eat this can be a solution to the problem as when you are feeling happy you will be less likely to want to reach for the junk food.

Tip #6: Laugh

Have you ever heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine, well this is true for weight loss too.

As mentioned previously some people will reach for a chocolate bar or a bag or crisps when they are feeling down. Well, if you laugh this will instantly lift your mood and eradicate these cravings for junk.

The next time you are feeling low, put your favourite comedy show on TV for half an hour and you will soon feel happier.

Tip #7: Think about your triumphs

Have you already lost weight? If you have then this is a triumph that you should be proud of.

What about your clothes, are they feeling looser? This is another triumph.

Use each triumph as motivation to achieve even more.

Tip #8: Put things into perspective

While your weight loss may seem like the most important thing in the world it most certainly isn’t and putting it as such can put undue pressure on you to succeed.

Rather than focus purely on your weight loss efforts perhaps give a little of your time towards a charity or charitable event.

Tip #9: What inspires you?

Do you have a favourite song or quote? If you do then you could perhaps allow it to motivate you to success.

Tip #10: Imagine your life after the weight loss

A great way to motivate you would be to imagine how life would be after you reach your weight loss goal.

Maybe it will give you extra confidence or less pain for example. There must be something that will motivate you to achieving your goals.

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