6 Ways to Make Sure you Don’t Overeat

6 Ways to Make Sure you Don’t Overeat

If you are on a diet and are looking to lose a few pounds you obviously should be trying to avoid overeating.

Unfortunately this is often easier said than done. Sometimes the food around us is to good to resist, while failing to prepare is another issue.

If you often find yourself overeating and wish to change then read on to discover a few ways to make sure you don’t overeat in the future:

#1: Preload

If you are going out for dinner and do not wish to overeat then my suggestion would be to preload before you go out.

Around half an hour before you go out eat a snack containing around 200 calories but at least 15 grams of protein.

The reason for this is that the protein is slow to digest so will stay in your stomach for a while, therefore reducing the amount that you can eat.

#2: Stop before you get full

This may seem a silly suggestion but you will know when you are getting full, so if you want to lose a few pounds perhaps you need to tell yourself to stop eating.

You should aim to stop eating when you are satisfied, but before you are full.

#3: Chew thoroughly

If you take your time to chew your food thoroughly you are giving your body chance to realise that it is getting full.

The average time for your brain to receive the signal from your stomach that it is getting full is around 20 minutes, which if you are not careful could result in significant overeating.

One study has also shown that if you chew longer more hormones are released by your stomach, which will result in you feeling more satisfied.

This study showed that men who chewed a minimum of 40 times ate 12% less than those who chewed 12 times.

#4: Use mindfulness

MindfulnessAnother trick you can use to slow yourself down would be through the use of mindfulness, whereby you will focus intensely on all the aspects of the food; its texture, the flavour and smell.

By creating this memory you will be able to make yourself feel fuller for longer.

#5: Plan your shopping in advance

Before you step foot in the supermarket it is best to plan what you intend to buy.

Remember that if you wish to lose weight then sacrifices will need to be made.

If you struggle with your appetite and cravings then it is best to pick foods that are high in protein and fibre content as these will fill you quicker and will help keep your full too.

#6: Change your plates

Are your current plates large? If so then you are no doubt filling them to the brim too.

Obviously no one likes to throw away food, which ultimately means you are eating everything that you serve, which no doubt leave you feeling like you have overeaten.

One tip would be to use a smaller plate, although using a blue plate or a plate with a blue coloured rim will make the portion size larger.

This ultimately means that you will eat less, so wont be overeating and risking your chance of successfully reaching your weight loss goals.

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