5 overlooked methods of weight loss

5 overlooked methods of weight loss

If your aim is to lose weight then you have of course made those necessary changes to your diet and have started getting regular exercise.

Unfortunately despite all your good work the weight loss results have not been as you had hoped, but why? Is there something you have overlooked that is stopping you from losing the weight?

Here are 5 things that you might have overlooked that when changed could help you reach your weight loss goals:

#1 – Drinking alcohol

It’s an unfortunate fact that drinking alcohol can result in weight gain. This is due to the ‘empty calories’ that it contains, which basically means that it offers very little benefits.

Another issue with alcohol is that drinking too much will lower your resistance to temptations, so if you are out and about your are more likely to buy a kebab or other unhealthy snack at the end of a night out.

#2 – Driving everywhere

People on the whole are busier than they used to be, which means they are more likely to jump into the car rather than walk.

This could mean that you are storing the calories that would otherwise be burnt if you had chosen to walk.

For those who live in the city it may be easier to leave the car at home, due to the amount of public transport available. Yet even in the country you could make the most of the outdoors by investing in a bike and cycling to the shops.

#3 – Watching too much TV

Its unsurprising that sitting around watching TV will not help you to burn calories, in fact it could hinder your efforts as no doubt you will be eating or drinking something you shouldn’t while watching your favourite shows.

If you can cut back your daily TV consumption it will make a big difference to your weight.

#4 – Your medication

Certain medication can cause side effects like weight gain. If you are worried about any medication you are currently taking speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

#5 – Constant dieting

If you feel like you are constantly dieting but not losing the weight then you need to change your mindset.

Rather than thinking that the diet is a short term goal you would better off aiming for a long term change, where you will eat healthier and get regular exercise for the rest of your life.

Forget the pounds lost, this will all come in good time once you embrace the new healthier lifestyle choices you are going to make.

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