Are you overweight?

Are you overweight?

With our ever increasingly busy lifestyles it can be easy to overlook our diet and fitness regimes, yet this can lead to weight gain and obesity and the health risks associated with it.

Rather than focusing on your BMI (body mass index) we are going to instead look at 10 other tell tale factors that will show you whether you are overweight or not.

10 signs you are overweight

Here are the 10 signs that you could look at to see if you need to make some healthier lifestyle decisions:

#1 – Food cravings

If you crave certain food groups, such as sweets for example then this is one indicator that you are becoming overweight.

To prevent this from occurring you need to take the steps to curb these cravings and burn off that stored fat that resulted from them.

#2 – Social interaction

If you find that you are starting to shy away from social interaction then it may be a sign that you have put on weight and are feeling self conscious about the fact.

#3 – Your clothes are too tight

An obvious sign that you have put on weight is that clothes that previously fit no longer fit or are too tight for you.

#4 – You have become less active

If you have noticed that you are not as active or want to be as active as you once were then this is a big indication that your weight has changed for the worse.

#5 – You have a spare tire

Those who are overweight will tend to have excess fat across their midsection.

This excess belly fat is particularly dangerous has it increases the risk of many different health conditions.

#6 – You become breathless easily

If you become breathless after a short walk or climbing the stairs then you need to realise that you are overweight and things need to be changed.

#7 – Comments from friends and family

Your friends and family care about you, so if they are telling you that you have gained a few pounds then they are obviously starting to get worried.

#8 – Medical examination

Many companies require regular medical health check ups of their employees. Therefore they will know how much weight you have gained between visits.

#9 – You need to sit down to take your shoes off

If you need to sit down to complete a simple task like taking your shoes off then you have most likely gained weight.

#10 – Knee and back pain

When you gain weight more pressure will be exerted on your joints. This can lead to joint pain and even arthritis if you are not careful.

What can I do if I am overweight?

If you are overweight and wish to lose those extra pounds then there are many things that you can do.

For a start you need to start eating healthier, eat fewer takeaways and try to avoid the junk food. Instead make sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lean protein sources such as chicken and turkey are important for any healthy diet as protein is slow to digest, so will keep your cravings at bay. Furthermore it will ensure your energy levels do not fall too low.

Next you should increase the amount of water you are drinking, this is because it can actually speed up the weight loss process as it can help to flush those toxins from your body.

Finally to burn off the excess calories and stored body fat then you will need to exercise. Three visits to the gym a week will make a huge difference to your body, and even if you do not wish to pay for a gym membership there are plenty of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

You could even go for a walk every night, as long as you are moving then you are going to be burning more calories than you would sat in front of the television.

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